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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by AllSeasonsAllReasons, Apr 23, 2001.

  1. AllSeasonsAllReasons

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    Well first accident of the season happend to me on saturday! I am Used to a 48 inch walkbehind!! So i get on the new lazer with a 52 inch deck!! Going great so i get cocky on this thing oh this is easy!!! I am at one of the clinics i cut and there is a solid wood picnic table out back! One of the helpers fold it up on its side up against the building! Here i come mowing along and get halfway buy it and the edge of the deck cought it BAM right on top of me!!!!! One of the nurses see this and run in to get a doctor!!!! God how dumb can you look!!! So i came out alright just a very sore shoulder and i will probably never live it down!!! Becareful out there!!
  2. oneEXMARKfan

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    Glad you (and the Lazer) were not hurt worse. If could have been alot worse....Take care.

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  3. Eric ELM

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    A couple years after I started out, I got a 332 JD diesel and after using it 2 years, I needed a wider cut to keep up with all the work I was getting. I got a 60" 430 JD diesel and it was also taller. A tree that had about an eight inch limb coming out side ways for about 6', I had always gone under it just fine with the 332 and I would just miss it with my head. You guessed it, the 430 sat up high enough so I came flying under it and about knocked myself out when I hit it. I didn't forget about it ever again though, now I duck. ;)
  4. KirbysLawn

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    Last week while changing the height on my WB I started to fall, reached out to grab something, guess what I grabbed....of course, the muffler, nice & hot. Second degree burn to the palm of my left hand.
  5. joshua

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    kirby i know what you mean about muffler burn, i still got a scar from 5 years ago on my forearm, from putting a push mower in the trunk. i didn't hurt i don't know why through but it left some nice brown skin that peeled right off. i never had it checked- that was the stupid part, but nothing ever happened thank god for that.
  6. joshua

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    i truely am the idiot for today maybe even the week. i was cutting a vacount lot and it was all dry except 1 area. i walked through it to make sure it was dry and i noticed 1 spot 10 x 10 was a little damp. i thought nothing of it because its a lot, and i have cut wetter with my lazer. i went over it once and the second time i got stuck. so i had to drag my 52" lazer about 10 feet because it started to sink. it was like the whole area got wetter as i started to cut. i wonder what people thought when they seen me doing this?
  7. JLC

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    If you are familiar with a turf tiger the center bolt has steel access panel that flips up to get to it. Mower was at an angle, jostling mower to remove blade, yada yada yada, plate flips down and smashes my finger. Sweet mother that smarts. Damage nicely swollen finger.
  8. Acute Cut

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    Last week i was on the lazer (60" 27hp exmark) and was doing nicely. Was showing off my skill by doing these cool turns from the top of the hill and back down. They onwer had told me that one corner was really wet and not to go there. I was in the middle of the lawn about 20 ft away from the wet area at the bottom of this hill and was going to turn around to go back up. The mower went sideways and then just slid down to the bottom of the hill. I tried to power out of it but to no avail. I had my dad bring out about 400 ft of rope and tied it to the truck to get it out. The truck bogged for a second then pulled it out. I had two nice ruts about 6 inches deep going down and then back out. I was NOT a happy camper. Even the neighbors came out to see it. Bunch of farmers all thought it was pretty funny. It put me back about an hour and a half on my already way behind day.
  9. Greenkeepers

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    It't that time of year for getting stuck. Watch out guys, we don't need to look like rookies out there.. I've buried the bobcat a couple times this year, luckily it was just at my house though!! :)
  10. cp

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    Rookie is as rookie does...

    The third day I had my new 60" Lazor I was mowing my own front yard. Along a 3 ft cement drain ditch. Well sure enough I got to close on wet grass and lost it.

    Had to get chain and come-along and winch the thing out..
    Laughed it off and told the neighbor that at least it wasn't at a customer's yard..

    The very next day had to pull it out of a customer's ditch.

    Now it's either the WB or weed whacker for me.LOL..


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