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    This morning I had just come home from doing something. I put my away messages up and went outside to cut my lawn with a 21" Honda. The dope who cuts the lawn next door pulls up in one of his rigs with 2 riders on the back to mow. So I am watching them do their thing, and I could SWEAR that I saw somebody sitting in the passenger seat of that truck while 2 guys mowed and trimmed. BTW, I smoked them for cutting grass. Pound for pound my little machine cut faster than their 52" Cub did. Possibly dumb operators? I come back inside and my internet is down. Turns out that somebody screwed up the cable line outside. I know it wasn't me, because I have been mowing my lawn for many years now and know what areas to avoid. These dolts however go in and burn the heck out the area where the cable box is. Kind of a stupid thing to do when there is a cable line running on top of the ground and the cable box is a bit loose. Anyway, I have been pretty descent about hating this company so far, all I have done is called the cops on them when they completely blocked off a lane on a back road. Also a good friend of mine refused to give the owner credit to buy a machine on. I think now I might have to get mean :( (nobody is going to be physically harmed) Also, there were a few prior screw ups on their part which makes me have it out for them.
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    You cut faster with ya 21'' than they did with a 52'' TC
    What the??..................You'd have to be more than a "Dumb Opperator"

    Sound like the council workers down here If a guy was Snoozing in the truck.

    So your going to war with these moreons hey??
    Hope ya win:)

    I mean if ya guna be an Idiot, be good at it:)
    Sounds like these guys are experts at it
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    Sounds to me like everybody is at fault on this one. The cable company for leaving the cable on the ground, you for not reporting it and the loose box, and the operators for running over it.

    Whose the idiots?:dizzy:

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