Idiots guide to mowing lawns?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by MR HYDROSEED, Feb 20, 2006.


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    I plan on adding a lawn service this year. I plan on getting a 50" ZTR, i have trimmers and blowers and just about everything else I think I need but...
    I'm worried of overlooking something really obvious when I'm out there on my first mowing jobs. Right now I mow my 1 acre lawn with a Craftsman 20hp tractor, it takes like 2 hours a week to do it and at took a comment from a landscaping friend to get me to mow diagonally. Any pointers you can give to the new guy? I was planning on getting a walker at first but after being convinced that collecting clippings is just way to much of a pita i decided to go with a medium sized ZTR that is somewhat quick. My primary goal for customers will be 1/2-1 acre high end homes and maybe some soccer fields in the area.
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    Don't get me wrong and don't take offense but I would maybe start out with some "less picky" people if you haven't really mowed before. Starting out on high end homes might be a mistake. If you are even lucky enough to get a couple of these homes, I'm sure they are like the usual types who live there, Picky and want nothing but perfection and I think it takes a couple of years to be at that level. Alternating mow pattern's is lawn care 101. There is more to it than getting on a new rider and mowing. By the way that Zturn is going to be like night and day vs. that Crapsman you have.
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    exactly, i used a craftsman tractor for my home and after "test mowing" an ariens z turn mower it killed me to use the craftsman again. i now own a simplicity broadmoor, it is a tractor, but a top of the line one. for me a tractor has more use than a Z

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