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    I show up one friday to mow a customers lawn, just like normal. When I get to the back yard there are two hoses laying across the yard with sprinklers on them. I started rolling the hoses up in the pinestraw beds. While rolling the second hose my customer storms out of his house and yells at me for moving his hoses. He said he had spent half an hour getting them set up perfectly, and that he got soaked. At first I thought he was kidding, but then I realized he wasn't. I appologized for the inconvience, and offered to put them back, but he said I didn't know where to place them. I appologized again and went back to mowing. When I finished and went to the door. He let me have it again, and kept whining. Finally I realized he couldn't be pleased, and politely asked him"Just for future reference next time I mow and there are hoses what would you like me to do? I can cut around them and miss grass, or I can run them over. He got mad and slammed the door to go get the check. He came out and paid me and told me not to cut it again. Every time before they had been very nice and told me how good it looked. I don't know what happened. Drugs? Oh well. I don't need his money. Does anyone have any similar experiences.
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    If he was cool before the hose issue you might want to call him and see if he was serious and maybe you can get it back. I had a guy last week tell me how bad my helper was for the fourth time. The guy was on his lawn one time. When I finished the front yard he came out and asked whats wrong with my mower. I gave him some lip and told him I would go over the front again cuz I knew my blades needed shapening. Once I was done blowing off he comes out and tries to BS with me. He tells me that he just had eye surgery and I looked blury and he has a little double vision. So how the hell does someone who cant see critisise the quality of cut. Old timer is going nuts.
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    LOL, He got soaked.... ever hear of turning off the water to move the sprinkler? As soon as he paid me and said don't mow it again.... I would have smiled happily and said, "fine with me" turned and walked off.

    A couple of alternate endings are:

    *Somebody Pi$$ in your Wheaties?

    *Sir, If you have a problem with what i'm doing, that's fine, talk to me like a human being, but if you keep screaming at me, we're gonna have a problem. (actually used that once at another job... got a deer in the headlights look, and a much better attitude)
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    Residential work is fun, huh?
    Never had a commercial customer treat me that way.
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    Maybe he was looking for an excuse to fire you. You just can't figure out the thought process of some people. What seems perfectly reasonable to some just makes no sense to others. He could have had other reasons that you are not aware of and didn't know how to properly cancel due to pride or whatever. He's probably just an ass, though.
    One old couple I work for can get all worked up over really stupid stuff, it's easy to calm them down and please them. Sometimes people can't be pleased or don't want to be pleased, they actually LIKE to argue and all that. You probably couldn't have handled it any differently, the result would have been the same. Some folks are just jackasses, I try not to deal with those types of people at all but sometimes it can't be helped.
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    The clincher is that he said 'dont cut no more,' that leads me to believe it was his way of terminating service.
    Just the way some folks do it, try not to worry about it, that's likely all it was.

    p.s.: yeah i get that too sometimes... sux cuz i wish they'd just tell me some other kinda way, oh well.
  8. dmanb2b

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    maybe he just didn't get any from the mrs' the night before?:cool2:
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    Sounds to me like he bought some bad crack. He's an idiot for treating you like that...and he's way out of line in my opinion. Drop the guy and tell him to let Harry Potter mow his lawn. He was way out of line.
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    Thursday myself and my partner were cutting a lawn.

    History of this property: Neighbor comes out on my first cut of this property and demands that I trim the pole bordering his property and my client. I told him, "IF you would have ASKED me to do it, I would have. Because you TOLD me to, you can do it yourself". So I trimmed HALF the pole (LOL) and this angered him to no end.

    Fast forward to last thursday. He is walking outside his house with his wife and I am in the process of blowing the grass back onto my clients LAWN. He says, "Hey, what's with all this stuff...get the green stuff off the road" I turned to him and said "I am STILL DOING my job...YOU IDIOT...and in THIS country, it's called GRASS!!". Not one minute later, a lady walks by and suggests that I buy a rake and broom cuz the leaves will eventually blow off the customers lawn and back onto the road???????? Doesnt that happen anyway?

    She passes by and makes another pass to take a jab at me 5 minutes later about the same thing. I told this idiot "You know the problem with you old people is that you feel the need to be condescending. I am in the middle of performing my job of CLEANING up. If I were in my truck with the gear packed up, then tell me I missed something"

    Not 5 minutes later, another geezer passes by and tells me about the leaves and grass on the road whilst BLOWING and cleaning up???? I said, "Does it look like I am finished YOU F***ING IDIOT" I walked up to him and he drove off.

    This particular customer fertilizes his property every other week for crying out loud. The grass is so overgrown each week that it takes FOREVER to clean up after (we dont bag and we never will). This customer even asked us to do it for less :hammerhead: :hammerhead: . I HAD one more cut but after this day, I knocked on the door and told them we would not finish their season with the last cut and discounted the last cut from the invoice.

    To this point I have never encountered this and I MAY have blown it out of proportion and I never speak to anyone that way but it just seemed like it was one after the other. I have the mind to cut it next week and purposely leave the clippings and leaves all over the road.


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