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  1. elitelawnteam1

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    I was driving about 45mph down a main road with a sidewalk. I was pulling my fully loaded trailer.

    I begin to drive past a small strip mall when all of a sudden 2 highschool kids intentionally ran right in front of me!
    All I could do was honk at them, I slowed down, but it would have been almost impossible to stop.

    they got away fine, but it shook me up a bit

    Just one of the downsides to being a high school student, you get to be stereotyped and associated with all the drug addicts, lazy, stupid bums your age.

    Anything like this happen to you guys?
  2. ROC lawn and landscapes

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    The other day I was driving to an appointment on a busy road and about a block ahead of me I seen a couple kids throw some something across the road. As I was driving past them I see it was two kids probably around 10-12 years old. I drive by just staring at them and the little punks gave me the middle finger! Damn kids are lucky I didnt have time to spare! This next generation is gonna be interesting! And Im not talkin about the younger ones on here that work their a**es off!
  3. land_scaper70

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    I threw snowballs at cars once, until my father kicked my A$$!!
  4. Mowingkid35

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    I'm a current high school student. I go to school about 2 days out of the week and the rest is spent mowing. The other kids in high school are absolutely ******ed. I cannot stand it when kids in high school think its funny to wreck other peoples things that are earned with hard work.
    I was driving through our school parking lot on day after school to pick up one of the kids that works for me and a kid (I mow for his parents) decided it would be funny to through a baseball at my truck....... My drivers side window broke on my brand new truck, as I approached the kids parents that evening they met me with an envelope with $600 cash in it and asked to please not involve the police... Some people i'm telling ya have no respect.
  5. FuturePilot4u

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    How do u manage to go to school 2 days a week? Your education is more important
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  6. gasracer

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    It's not just teenagers you have to look out for. Kids play ball in and near the street all the time. I don't want to see one of them coming after the ball in front or near me coming down the street.
    I had a kid years ago riding a dirt bike come up a bank and into the street without seeing me. I happen to hear it and slowed down enough to get stopped when his front tire topped the bank into the road. He was as scared as I was.
    We have to be very alert at all times and a loaded trailer makes it even harder to get stopped.This is the reason I installed SSB brakes all the way around my truck. If I had larger rims I would put the 6 piston calipers on it too.
  7. LandscaperPro

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    Glad to hear ya taking an intrest in the business and being a sensable person. I would have taken $300 to fix the window and still reported it. Their parents just bought their freedom and gave away their lesson. Good luck to ya bud.
  8. elitelawnteam1

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    Agreed. everyday, I get stupid comments from people the top 3 include

    1. Do you make bank?
    2. I have friends
    3. Why don't you go mow a lawn?

    My response

    1. Why should I tell you
    2. I do too, his name is Ferris Hydrocut (jk i have real friends!!)
    3. (I don't even know how to respond to this one)

    It's just too interesting how kids make fun of me bacause I own a buisness, you'd assume they'd want to do the same, or just be happy for you. But that was way back when there were no computers and video games
  9. topsites

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    I like the guys who set out to be the hero of the day by getting in my way so as to "force" me to slow down,
    whether I'm actually speeding or not makes little difference, those are my all time favorites.

    It doesn't shake me up, it pisses me off.
  10. Patriot Services

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    That's what I had the locomotive air horns installed for. That thing is loud enough to make your colon explode even inside a car. I don't appreciate being cut off.
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