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    should of trucked them, no pun intended
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    I get a lot of high school kids acting like they are tough stuff lately. Especially last Friday. I was mowing a lot near the football field, and kids were walking back and forth between the school and the field.
    I saw one of em throw two pop bottles in the parking lot and then proceed to pick up one of the cones I had by my trailer and tossed it onto the yard. I drove the mower up to him and asked him "what the hell did you do that for?" And he had some cute girls walking by him and thought he would impress them by talking back to me or acting tough or something and his exact words to me were "what the **** are you gonna do about it faggot?" And he's one of these 16 year old punk kids wearing the flatbilled hat and the saggy pants. I stepped off the stander, threw my sunglasses on the ground and got about 1/2in from his face and told him "never disrespect me, my equipment, or my business EVER again. Now get your worthless punk ass out to the parking lot and pick up that garbage you threw down and if you don't, I have a good friend on the police department on my speed dial and he would be more than willing to come and give you a ticket for littering" and his tough guy attitude changed real quick (he had the deer in the headlights look) he went and picked up the bottles and my cone. I then told him "now you apologize to me for what you did, and also, apologize to these young ladies here for making them witness that" and he did! Sometimes you need to just get in their face and make them scared to death.
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    Lawn Enforcer

    I am glad you did that. I have been reading all of the post for this thread and that is the best solution. Kids these days have no respect for anybody or any ones things. They all feel like the are entitled to something without having to work for it. My wife is a teacher, and they have kids that are bad all day and they can't punish them, because then that would be singling them out and be potenial lawsuits for the school district. I am 31 and I never acted like these kids. My parents would have yanked my butt up and whip the fire out of me. I was taught at an early age you show respect to everyone and there belongings, you treat people how you want to be treated, I know that sounds corny, but it is true. The problem with most kid today, is the lack of parent involvement. Parents are to busy with work, or with this or that, and the child is left to fend for themselves. I have a daughter, and I make it to every school function of hers, and I volunteer in her class (the benefits of being self employed), even if I wasn't I would still make time for it. My goal is to have my kids succeed more in life, than I do. I want the have opportunities I never had, but a lot of kids, there parents are afraid to take them off the tit.
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    I'd say ask your clients how many days a week they went to high school and then reassess your point of view as your mow their lawn. There is nothing wrong with your desire to work hard but I will tell you that the successful people in this world work smart and hard as opposed to just working hard.
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    Im sitting here in a computer lab at UNC Charlotte and busted out laughing at that comment:dancing: Everyone looked at me like I was an idiot. Im glad you did that. That is exactly what some people need. I am 22 and have had mid 30's guys work for me that were more disrespectful and bigger smart azzs then the guys at my high school...its not just teens. Some people just need to get their tails whipped one good time. Thats what it took for me:laugh:
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    At first after I did it, I felt a little bit out of line, but the more I think about it, the better I feel about how I did it. The kid looked scared to death and I really think it made an impact on him. My parents are not highly educated people with big fancy jobs, but they know how to raise kids. I always wonder why people don't spank their kids. I'm not saying parents should hit kids with a 2x4 (which a lot of people put spanking at the same level with) but spank them when it is necessary. I can only remember being spanked 5 times, but that's all it takes. I said something very disrespectful to my dad ONCE and he slapped me in the face-guess what, I never did it again and it taught me that I must show respect to others.
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    I'm glad I could make everyone think you're an idiot :laugh: j/k. Some people think that they deserve something that I have because I'm a rich business owner (if they could only see my books they would change their mind! :laugh:) Hey, get off your ass and make something of yourself and don't try to ride someone else's coat tails.
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    In July I had a person that should have been well seasoned on how to properly drive blaze thru a stop sign and I hit them, totaling my truck and probably his. Things could have been many times worse for every one. There were no major people injuries, just the pickups.
    The other driver admitted to the cop that he never stops.

    Its unreal the utterly stupid things I see on the road now days.

    image 035.jpg

    image 006.jpg
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    I couldn't agree with you more!!
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    So much of highschool and your first two years of college are a waste, i should have been allowed to skip from my sophmore year of highschool straight to my junior year in college.

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