If gary offered a proslide for the quick 36, would you buy it?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by TClawn, May 24, 2005.

  1. TClawn

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    hi there,

    I'm trying to get gary to offer the quick 36 with a proslide on it (I love mine ).

    to non quick 36 owners, if you bought a quick 36, would you consider the proslide intead of the velky2x (step saver)?

    lets say it was $390 for a proslide XT with all the adaptations necissary for the quick 36. installation would take about 20 minutes, and you could stripe like crazy with it on the back.

    even on my warm season grasses I am getting stripes with the proslide on the back of the quick.

    you could step off for turns and still get the offortless turning as normal, but step back on and ride the rest of the time. it would keep your center of gravity lower, so you wouldn't have to bend over for the controls.

    the only time you couldn't use it practically, is when your mowing hillsides. the weight of the operator pulls the mower to the "up" side of the hill. but on flat or sleight grades, it works like a charm.

    as far as strain on the engine, my tach drops ten rpm's when you first step on, but goes back up to 3490 with the blades engaged as soon as you get moving, so it really doesn't strain the engine too much (no load is 3500) .

    so what do ya say? should gary offer the proslide along with the step saver?

    CURB APPEAL NC LawnSite Member
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    I have a Quick 36, its a single hydro so I dont see how you would turn! With the step saver there is a pivot that you twist to make it turn! let me know. Because if it works I want one!
  3. TClawn

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    you DON'T turn. you step of when you are turning, that is the whole reason I went with a proslide. you can make corrections to the your pass by putting your weight on one side of the proslide. if you have to actually change direction, you can take on foot off and turn while moving. really quite simple. but, if you have hills, it doesn't work. you will be better off with a step saver for slopes.

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