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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by KcLawnServices, Jan 21, 2006.

  1. KcLawnServices

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    Ok what do I charge if I sale about 20 of my accounts?...They get cut every week, and are very good paying people..The price I charge on these accounts can very from $35 to $45 to $55 $65 to $75..I am thinking about down sizing and, just wanted to know what I can expect...They are not under contract but, I will ride around with the person that buys them to have him meet and talk to the owners of the property..
  2. qualitylawnmanagement

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    I wouldn't even think about buying accounts from another lco. If I did they would have to be on a two year contract, to even make back your money.
  3. KcLawnServices

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    Its not like I would expect big time money..
  4. J Hisch

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    I buy out smaller Lco's all the time. I would probably give 1800-2250 range just for those accounts. In my experience we never really lost too many. Most customers are just concerend if the grass is going to be cut and is the price going to change. All you would have to do is keep 5 to make a retun within the year. Most likely 80 percent will stay with the new buyer. It would also make a differene if you have had them a while.
  5. ed2hess

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    We were given about 50 accounts by two different workers who worked for us and quite the business. I don't thing we have retained any of those customers. Once they get used to individual care it get difficult to please them. But maybe someone who needs accounts and can't wait would be interested. I wouldn't give over one months payment and that would be 50% up front.
  6. dcondon

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    No way in H$$ would we buy another account from an LCO. We have to many people come to us......:waving:
  7. olderthandirt

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    1 weeks gross is more than fair. and the customers would have to be on a fairly tight route for that. Your better off giving them to a larger LCO in exchange for some help on a small prodject that you might pick up.
  8. lawnMaster5000

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    around here from my experience 3 cuts is about average for written contract or not.

    With that i would assume the 80% retention should be feasible if the buyer is a good company.
  9. rfed32

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    i wouldnt buy them unless we had some sort of contract and i was making enough to cover cost, and what i paid, and profit over that year

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