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If Mother wanted it done, I want it done too

Discussion in 'Florida Lawn Care Forum' started by Colaguy, Aug 15, 2013.

  1. Colaguy

    Colaguy LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 599

    Had an elderly lady client that died three weeks ago of a stroke. Done several previous jobs for her over the past two yrs. She called me the week before she died, went over to look at yard. Had a 21'x10' (prob bigger than that) area that had sunk in and was retaining water. Looked like a small pond. She wanted it filled in with dirt & resodded & a few other area's sodded due to washout issues.

    Ok. Give me a call when water dries out. I dropped by about ten days ago to see if it was dry. Client wasn't home. Put it on my schedule to get too but in no hurry, as heatwave has been brutal lately. Her son in Boston, called me last week to let me know she had passed away.

    He asked what was it she had wanted done to yard? Told him & he said, Well, if Mother wanted it done, I want it done too. Ok.::) Were I the son, I'd just left it the way it was & saved the $. Of course, I did not tell him that.

    How much he asked? Quoted my hourly rate+materials+pickup of materials+buggy rental. Told him I was going to rent a Georgia Buggy because the driveway is hilly & cannot back up drive & that would save him at least 5+labor hours. Ok, do it.

    Did job this past Monday. Put out 5100 lbs of fill dirt into sink area in about (3) hrs. Shoveling dirt was the toughest part of job as it rained off and on. Tamped it all down. Went and got 2000 lbs of black topsoil & (1) pallet of St Aug. Put Black soil over fill dirt. That buggy really helped get the job done quick. Did all that in 6.15 hours. At $60 per day rental fee beats a wheelbarrow any ole hot day! Hurt me profit wise but oh well. In the future if I use a buggy, I'll have to charge more hourly:laugh:

    Spent another 1.5 hrs doing a few things. Son wanted some low areas filled with dirt after I completed job.



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