If PJ is still around... an update for him.

Discussion in 'Hustler Turf Equip (Archived)' started by roscioli, May 3, 2002.

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    Hi PJ- I just wanted to give you an update on my situation, since you helped me out a lot. Also an update on my local dealers. Today, I bought an exmark. If you even remember, I was looking at a WAY leftover Landpride at my local "dealer" Ahearn Equipment in Spencer. I called them this morning and said "ok, I want to buy it" after giving them a good indication that I would a few days before. They said, well, we can't do it this weekend, we are busy. I said well, you aren't about to get busier, I am going elsewhere. SO, I went to Orchard Hill out in Belchertown because they had an exmark I had looked at before, and bought it. Anyway, I remember that you were looking for dealers in the area, and figured I would let you know. Ahearn- I will probably never go to again, the seem to be shifting me around, not taking me seriously (I am only 21). Orchard Hill- Very nice people, good dealers. Devon Lane (also in belchertown), also very nice people, friendly and all that, but their store is packed to the brim right now with Husky's and Ferris. I am sorry I never got out to that open house you invited me to, I regret it, but I have been busier than a , well, a busy person the past month and a half. I appreciate your advice and help, and in a couple years when I need another mower, I hope there will be a decent dealer near me.. I don't like to travel much, but I am out in Belchertown all week anyway. (my apartment is there for school) School All week, Mow all weekend. Keep me updated on any local dealers, absolutroscioli@hotmail.com I look forward to seeing a Hustler nearby. Thanks again, Michael Roscioli, Roscioli Landscaping

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