If you could design the perfect mower

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by fdew, Mar 4, 2000.

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    I was wondering if any of you guys ever had a Scag STHM-42 Hydro? I owned two of them. Wore them out. They had engineering problems. The idler pulley was positioned wrong causing vibration. Scag did (field fix) te problem. The mower did a great job. It was fast, light and with the out front deck, you could get under trees easy. The only thing I did'nt like was the Kohler. I don't know why Scag stoped makeing them. <p>----------<br>Bobby <br>Ft Lauderdale
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    Hmm, what would I like to see in the &quot;ulitimate mower&quot;? <p>1. Abliity to change from mulch to bag to discharge without changing blades, and without tools.<p>2. Egronomically designed controls.<p>3. Easy height of cut adjustment.<p>4. Flat proof tires.<p>5. Easy to change blades, no jack.<p>6. Built in tie downs, to secure to trailer deck.<p>7. Greasable parts that don't spew grease, and make a mess.<p>8. Sleeves on all wear points, so that unit can be re-built indefinatly.<p>9. Bagging system that holds many clippings, and dumps directly into truck.<p>10. Real hour meter, not one that goes off spark induction.<p>11. 12v accessory plug.<p>12. Drink holder.<p>13. Enough fuel to run 10 hours.<p>14. Easy access to all lube points without using flex hoses, or removing covers.<p>15. Machine is balanced, does not wheelie going up a hill.<p>16. Easy to adjust tracking/speed.<p>17. Adjustable controls to suit any operator.<p>18. Ability to add attachments, aerator, de-thatcher. spreader, snow blower.<p>19. Speedometer/Odometer.<p>20. Oil type and capacity printed on engine shroud. (some of us maintain many machines, and can't remember off the top of our heads.)<p>21. Air Filter/Oil Filter/Spark Plug part #'s printed on the shroud.<p>22. Handles that fold up eaisly to conserve trailer space.<p><br>
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    I see no one mentioned air conditioning. Wouldn't it be nice to ride a Dixie Chopper all day in an enclosed cabin w/ some A/C? What about a 84&quot; Dixie Chopper, or a 72&quot; with hydro fold down 44&quot; inchers on the sides?
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    hey guys the hydraulic lift and three point hitch already exist on a ztr.<br>hustler makes a model 2500, 25hp, 60 or 72 inch cut, hydraulic lift on the deck. toolbar adapts to front of unit and uses hydraulics to raise and lower the optional 3 point hitch (cat 0), with the toolbar comes a lift jack that goes on front of unit and lifts the front off the ground about 30 inches.<br>they have been making this unit for 5 or six years.<br>just some info for ya.<br>love this thread on this great forum !!
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    There might be a way to grease all the fittings at once, when I worked in the flatbed trailer industry we would install a kit called &quot;LINCOLN LUBE&quot;. It was a series of fittings and small tubing(real small) that connected to all the grease fittings. You had one block with 3 or 4 fittings that went to different places on the trailer. You could do the same thing with this kit on a mower and isolate the areas that needed more grease. All the mechanic did was go to the block and start pumping. It would take the grease to whatever area he wanted it to go. The system has a little indicator on the main block that would tell you when that area was full.<p>This is doable. I might even check into the cost. Kit is complete with all the necessary hardware.<p>Homer
  7. Homer my machines have grease nipples on the<br>wheels. This might be a problem but I am sure<br>it is not something you could could deal with.
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    Ya, the wheels could pose a slight problem! Might have to continue the old way on them.<p>Homer
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    Homer,<br>You're referring to the same type of system they use on big equipment: Front Loader, Earthmovers and such. <p>These types of equipment may have 100 grease fittings or more. And it might take 3-4 tubes of grease daily to lubricate them. And if you don't lubricate them, the bushings can cost thousands of dollars to replace.<p>With lawn equipment, I think you see the trend towards greaseless. Lawn equipment has become cheaper to build and aquire over the last 10 years, especially comparing to fee charged and inflation in general. <p>I don't want this to be misinterpreted, but lawn equipment, even commercial, is trending towards disposable. Not less quality, but shorter life span.
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    dmc300 if you catch this thier are florida front spindale kitts for grass hopper they may have them for other mechines greas one time a year one pomp of grease

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