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If you could make equiptment for this business


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Asheville, NC
Swivel anti-scalp wheels on Z type mowers. My Toro " anti-scalp" wheel will tear up the turf if not careful/mindful of terrain while turning. I may fabricate one myself or find another brand that swivels, paint it red and weld it on that "super flow" deck.


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The Ferris IS has anti-scalp wheels that swivel. Nice smooth ride also, and the rider and walkbehind are built like tanks.

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I have been thinking alot about my stihl hs80 monster hedge trimmers.
I'd like to see a small pc. of sheetmetal equal to the length of the cutter bar on one side with a vacuum suction bag near the handle with the end angled up 90* like angle iron.
Kind of a cross between a hedge trimmer & the leaf vacuum attachment from a blower.
That way you could trim, & clippings would follow down the tray & get sucked into a bag. No drop cloths, no raking, just trim & go & you're done!

AGG Lawn Maintenance

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Yard, I love your idea!!! You make it I'll buy it. All you guys have some pretty good ideas. Travis AG&G Lawn Maintenance "Always thinking to stay ahead"


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Central CT
The local gas co. has bucket loader attachments on the front of their dump trucks Ford 8000. It lifts over the cab and dumps in the bed. Id like to see something similar but on a smaller scale for 1-ton trucks.


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Flint, Michigan
As I was trimming today, I thought again about something I have been working on. I have made a prototype- and it works. I, with the help of my brother in law, am still working on the patent. Here in the northern region, we have some tall and red fescue grasses. For those of you who may not know what this is, it's a real thin bladed (almost like string) grass that is loves shade. This grass however has a strong tendency to lay over when cut at any significant height. My idea is a device to help with trimming. It is a propeller attachment that screws in to the gearbox spindle (where the head screws on) with a fitting at the bottom to hold the head- giving "lift" to the grass to get a clean cut. This would be useful especially around trees that are mounded around the trunk since this is one of those areas that lays down the most. I can see the ad in Pro magazine already- "Give your trimmer a lift"! Runner