If you could only buy one mower.......

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by biglawndog, May 16, 2006.

  1. I want to start up another crew and would like your opinions. I have everything else all thats left to get is a mower. Keep in mind that I need it to go through gates. (40") Whats the most productive, bang for the buck mower out there?
  2. MysticLandscape

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    Judging from your signature, you already have what you need, 2 36's , a 52 and a 60? I have no experience but I would think a wright stander would do you good.
  3. ProStreetCamaro

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    If you want a do it all mower that goes through gates then get a good 36" WB. You can do hills and be fairly productive with it in any sitation unless you get out on a lawns bigger than an acre.
  4. ProStreetCamaro

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    Oh if you dont have hills then a gravely 34Z would be an awsome unit.
  5. Idealtim

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    used or new? New=exmark metro. Used=bobcat/ransomes.
  6. scagwildcat

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    i know that if i had to pick one mower , i would look for one that leaves the shop with a comp. disk (mowing list) mowes all day while im fishing, comes back to the shop at 5pm i take the disk, load it in my comp, make out invoices ,get paid, oh-wait! that was a dream i had last night lol ....
  7. carcrz

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    I'd say get a Wright Stander. They seem to do a really nice job & you aren't walking all day.
  8. mole

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    walker. nothing else
  9. Ron's Lawncare

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    AGREE 100%

  10. F Haney

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    I think you have answered your own question.....you have to get thru gates, so you need a 36 " . As long as this 2nd crew isn't cutting anything very big , a 36" WB ( I like Toros) would be versatile....able to get in gates, work on hills, manuever, etc. Also less expensive than a stander.

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