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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by bobbygedd, Aug 12, 2005.

  1. bobbygedd

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    the lawns here are fried, hammered. we cut em all last week, and did more harm than good. a day or 2 later, u can see the brown tire marks on the property,looks real bad. after mowing perhaps 15 this week, i decided to pack it in. i changed the recording on my machine, explaining that we are cancelling mowing this week. one guy called and said, "if you do not mow me, i will have to get someone else." i aint down with threats, and i aint loading up and driving over for one lawn. would u cut his? call him back? send a fruit basket? what?
  2. leadarrows

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    Well I would call him and explain sense he dosent have the sense to know for his self. Some how I get the feeling that's not what your going to do though.
    It's different for LCO that have more than enough business than it is for those who really need every client. You seem to have clients to spare.
  3. fcl01

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    tell him to go ahead and call someone. i dont do alot of mowing, just enough to get by between installs, one of 15 of the accounts has irrigation. her's is green, all the others are brown and havn't grown much. told her flat out that im not loading up to mow one little $33 lawn. very little trimming and only takes 10 min. to mow so i offered to double cut next time im there. she wasnt happy but she accepted my offer. kept the account as long as i wanted it. which wasnt long! :p
  4. main street lawn service

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    You know it seems that there are just some people that are always looking to ***** about something. That customer of yours probably knows that it would be bad to cut the lawn at this point, but since he is "paying you" to do a service for him you must obey him at all times..

    Maybe you should let him know you will cut it but hold no responsibilities for any damage that happens to his lawn as a result of it. When I worked for Chemlawn (6 years ago) we used to advise all of our customers that water was a crucial part of the treatments for the lawn. No water=brown grass..

    Maybe a little note in billing, or the contracts (if offered) to let them know about no rain skip days or something like that.

    Hope it all works out for you. If the guy is irate still..Cut him loose. Let someone else deal with the headache.

  5. jtrice11

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    I'd go cut it, ya got nothing else to do. THen let him know not to threaten you.
  6. Remsen1

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    You will be destroyed for that one :)

    Who wants first whacks?
  7. Precision

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    Sir, we have two choices here. My way or the highway.

    Perhaps prettied up a little, but the bottom line is I am the professional and we do it my way.

    some thing like this:

    You and I both know that if I mow your grass and the heat and tension created from the tires kills the grass where the mower passes, you will be irrate and want to sue me. I am doing us both a favor by eliminating the need to go to court over this. It is always your right to get someone else to mow your lawn. Let me know so I can call someone on my waiting list to take your place.
  8. Ryan Lightning

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    Maybe he watered after you mowed last week?
  9. mcwlandscaping

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    Almost all the people in my neighbor hood don't have sprinkler systems but they go out with an occelating or impact sprinkler at least once a day, maybe that is what this guy did.
  10. The mayor

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    Bobby, have you priced fruit baskets lately. Just a card should do.(with the last invoice) :D

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