If you don't have a Steiner you won't understand

Discussion in 'Original Pictures Forum' started by cantoo, Apr 27, 2007.

  1. Ben's Landscape

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    Really cool stuff!! Really like your attachments. I made a snow plow mount to my garden tractor that is supper strong not like sears makes them!! Good luck
  2. South Florida Lawns

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    My friend has a green one with 8 wheels and a gas Kubota engine on it. Its mainly just used for mowing. He has a tree lift and 3 mowing decks as well.
    Oh and its got probably close to 7 thousand hrs on it and runs great.
  3. logorhea

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    Judd12, the Kohler 16 hp single cylinder was unstoppable but the BS twin 18 was/is definitely stoppable. I agree with the attachments listed. The 16 was the first one I bought, then I burned through BS 18 & 20, then they put in an Onan twin 20 that brought back the good days. I just picked up a 525 with the Kubota 21 hp diesel that'll do me until I find one with the Kubota 28. If you want to see something really awesome, look for a Steiner TurfMaster, a mini Uke truck. Unfortunately I can't step up that high anymore. The water cooled engines last a lot longer than the air cooled ones.
  4. judd12

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    thanks for the reply! Thats interesting that the 16 hp was a better performer than my 18 hp briggs. The local steiner dealer says if I wanted to put in an onan it would be major alterations to the S-16 ($3k plus). I got the steiner for a deal ($500). When you say that you agree with the attachments listed, you mean that they wouldn't work?

    I would love to have an old onan ( i heard they don't make them anymore) or even better a kubota gas or diesel but, I really want to get the most out of this steiner. I have seen the turfmaster that you speak of, you being a steiner fan would love to check out mast-leply in apple creek, ohio. They are the biggest steiner dealer in the world and have the most amazing steiner inventory you could dream up. They had the earlier turfmaster and the newer version, the 428 there!

    Thanks again for the great info!
  5. logorhea

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    There is no replacement for displacement! That big single cylinder and heavy flywheel just kept luggin' on, like the old Johnny Popper John Deeres, and I'd run out of traction before out of power. On the other hand, if it happened to shut off at top dead center and then sat for several days in below freezing weather, I had to turn the crankshaft with a long pipe wrench before the starter would move it. But the BS engines didn't have the torque, so the tiller only worked well in a long-established garden. Since it's a hydrostat, in low range you can run any attachment, but at a crawl. That's why they made both 44" and 48" slip scoops. You can still find Onan/Linamar engines, but it's cheaper to just find a used 420 or 430, even if it needs a new engine.

    I had one of the first Turfmasters, way back in the early 80s. I had two, in fact, because the first one developed a crack in an axle housing in a couple of weeks. Then many hoses on the second were rubbing through in a couple of months and they gave me a 420 to replace it. It took them another decade before they rereleased it. Another problem was heat due to the engine placement, but the water-cooled versions are better.

    And now you know why I have this username, even if I only use one "r".

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    that looks like a beast
  7. 2brothersyardcare

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    nice u own a farm or u a lco or???????
  8. 2brothersyardcare

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    nice u own a farm or u a lco or???????
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    1. Cantoo nice fab work, very creative! I hate prepping and painting my welding projects so most of my welding projects end up unpainted too, plus I never have to worry about scratching the paint:). I stumbled on steiners a couple years ago on ebay but I only saw the dozer blade and the mower, I never knew they were so versatile. 2. Is the 430 max the only model that steiner currently sells???? Because on their website that is the only model I could find info on, maybe I just missed the link to their other models.
  10. logorhea

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    2brothers, if you're referring to me, I've done a wide variety in the past 60 years, including assisting at brain surgery as a graduate student. Anybody want to buy 80 acres of cropland/pasture & 70 acres of woods? I'm retired, which means, as some of you have found out when you tried to quit, I only work 12/7 these days.

    Jacobsen sold Steiner just before the crash. The new owner went back to the core product, so the 430 is the only thing they make.

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