If you dont have a WE debris bag, then you are working too hard

Discussion in 'W.E. Chapps' started by MacLawnCo, May 15, 2004.

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    At the begining of this season, I was too lazy to buy one of your mesh debris bags from you for one of my new mowers. Ever day i was on this mower, i realized how big of a mistake it was for me not to have ordered one, but i just couldnt remeber to call once i got out of the truck. This past weekend, i was at a dealer who had some of your bags on hand. Without hesitation i picked one up and installed it the same day. Im so happy with these bags. I no longer have to stuff my pant pockets with trash, instead in the bag it goes. Thanks for a great product.
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    That's a great email! W.E. can talk about the benefits of our products all day but hearing it straight from a Contractor makes a world of difference to those that do have an interest.
    One time we broke it down as to the cost of the bag and how much time that is used up having to walk/ride back to the truck to unload your pockets or remove debris from the deck of your zero-turn based on an employee earning $9.00/hr. It doesn't sound like much 5 minutes here, 10 minutes there but 15 to 20 of those trips pays for the bag. That could take a week or two. After that the bag starts paying you. With a debris bag, no special stops for disposal are needed anymore and that saved time turns into productive minutes. Spread over 1 week and then over a season... there is no telling what that bag has saved you.
    But you are right, you have to take the time to stop and get one. Otherwise, you will be making those unnecessary disposal trips everyday and not making the best use of your valuable time.


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