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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by KSA250, Mar 18, 2013.

  1. KSA250

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    Hello everyone, this is my 1st post here- been looking at this site for quite a while so I figured it was time to sign up. I searched on this site for information on the old Echo SRM-2301 and didn't really find any opinions on it as to how good of a machine it is and if it is even worth buying in comparison to other quality used trimmers out there. Would appreciate your input on this specific comparison:

    Old Echo SRM-2301 ($90.00 and 50 mile drive one way to pick up).

    See this link with description of condition and pics: http://tinyurl.com/cqjuusm

    The guy who ran the echo said that he's used Amsoil Saber Pro @ 100:1 for as long as he's used it. I asked him if he measured the compression ratio and he said no, that he just went by how it felt and he said it was "good", but he also said he can measure it and even bore scope the cylinder and piston if I want.

    Then there's a Stihl KM-90R FS-KM ($200.00 and 100 mile drive one way to pickup) which is said to have been used only a few times and is in near mint condition.

    I have used this specific Stihl model before but only with the blower attachment (which I thought was pretty good for what I needed it for at the time).

    I'm not really sure what to do. I do not really need a blower until next fall, but even then I can borrow one, so the trimmer aspect is all that is really a concern to me right now.

    Thank you for any helpful suggestions you may have.
  2. meets1

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    Get the stihl
  3. McG_Landscaping

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    seriously? 100-200 miles to pick up a used trimmer? after gas and your time you should just buy a brand new stihl 90. i know with my dealer if you buy a 6 pack of oil you get a 4 year warranty (you have to put it in your name, not the company name)
  4. exmarkking

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    Dude, just go buy a new one, and cut out the gas, time and wear and tear on your vehicle. Plus you'll get a warranty with it so you won't be worried about it for anwhile
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  5. KSA250

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    I'm on a budget, and afaik, nothing manufactured today for around $100-150 would even be remotely built decently compared to how things were a decade+ ago. The Stihl that I mentioned was pushing it even, I've ruled that one out already (cost+distance).

    If there's any specific negative aspects to the Echo I mentioned, I'd like to know, because if it is not a good machine, then I will simply wait until another low-moderately priced trimmer shows up for sale. I'm not buying anything from a dealer or from HD/Lowes.
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  6. exmarkking

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    Are you starting a landscape company or already in business?
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  7. LandFakers

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    Im sorry but I would never buy a used trimmer. Just by the way I treat mine, I can imagine others are just as harsh if not harsher. Id buy new and get a warranty. If I was you, and was going to be usuing this day in, and day out, id buy new. New stuff isnt really as junky as you think. Both my trimmers have lasted 3 years and both start on the first pull everyday. Have a little faith in company's. Just my opinion.
  8. KSA250

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    Just for home use, have about 1 1/4 acres of land. There's a Echo SRM-225 (almost new) that I just saw that I can get for $60.00 might go for that.
  9. McG_Landscaping

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    that makes a lot more sense. a 225 will more than handle your homeowner use. i was using a 225 commercially and only after 2 years is it starting to have issues
  10. lawnboy dan

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    just go to lows and buy a new husky. better than either the lousey echo or the trouble prone sthil

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