If you had to replace all of your gas hedge trimmers weeks t would it be?

Discussion in 'Industry Surveys & Polls' started by supercutz, Feb 13, 2014.

  1. the3ps

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  2. ProStreetCamaro

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    Redmax. We have great luck with echo backpacks and string trimmers but for some reason we have terrible luck with the 3 echo hedge trimmers we have had.
  3. ExmarkBoy

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    Stihl will last you forever. If it were me, I would do so in a heartbeat. I love my stihl equipment. Though my dealer seems to like RedMax, and I will agree that they appear to be fairly good, though I don't know how well they last because I've never used one personally. Though I am going to buy some RedMax to test this summer.
  4. ilike2mow

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    I would get all Echo even though I already have all Echo Hedge trimmers. I would get Stihl but I went to buy one from Ace Hardware but the brand new hedge trimmer off the shelf wouldn't start! I don't know I could trust it to run and perform for my yards so I went with Echo.
  5. Bayscape2014

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    redmax blowers are powerful
  6. jkilov

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    In the double-sided department there's no contest. Stihl HS81T wins hands down. Reasons: dedicated hedger engine (light), upfront exhaust pipe, high blade speed, needle-bearing conrods, swivel handle, low profile and overall weight. It's simply the best on the market right now.

    As for single-sided units I think Shindaiwa's HT254 is the clear winner. Whilst heavier, the 4-stroke is something you can live with when rioting under your nose. Again full-bearing supported gearbox, conrods and chrome-plated blades.

    Also very good in both areas is Maruyama.

    What not to get: Stihl's HS45 and Echo HC-150.
  7. ilike2mow

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    Hc150 are good trimmers! I run that and I also run a pas230 with an articulated hedge trimmer.
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  8. RonWin

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    Not impressed with echo hc 150, most likely shindaiwa ttrimmer.bought the stihl back pack , the most "powerful" 1 sucks so I'm turned off to stihl now.
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  9. Cascio05

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    I have had stihl,echo and shindaiwa all are pretty good but the best set of trimmers i have used is the maruyamas.
  10. Bayscape2014

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    I use the Stihl trimmers and am very happy.

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