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    i think this is very important. if you do not already have a retirement account set up, find yourself a cheap online broker. the best i have found is www.firstrade.com . buy half of each VTI and EFA and thats it. there are no fees besides $7 to buy, so keep your purchases above $700 each.
    VTI is every single american company, EFA is most other countrys in the world. thse have the lowest expenses of anything you will every find. .07% and .35% respectively.

    it is very important to start putting away for later.

    if you invest $4000/yr for 35 years you'll end up with 1.14 MILLION

    this is using the historical average for the last 100 years, not some recent figure that is meaningless.

    buy and hold. no matter what. youll thank me.

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