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Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by salinasmechanic, Jul 1, 2011.

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    I'm a mechanic for a power equipment shop, and have access to alot of diagrams and such. If you need one post here with your email address and ill start going down the list. We are a dealer for husqvarna, exmark, toro, BCS, tanaka, maruyama, honda engines, kawasaki engines, Briggs & stratton, & Power trim. So those will be emailed faster than others as its a bit more difficult to get diagrams for what im not a dealer of. But ill do what i can. Please dont post a list of all the equipment you own and ask for diagrams. Just ones your workin on. If the moderator would sticky this, that would be nice. AND LAST OF ALL, i will do my best to get them to you as fast as i can, BUT i am very busy at work, so if it takes me a day or two please dont whine about it.

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    Hello Peter - I don't need parts lists or diagrams BUT I do need an opinion if you don't mind. Is it possible to have decks welded so the blades are balanced on the machines I described in the following posts??? Are there any junkyards that might have what I'm looking for?? Thanks you & I look forward to hearing from you - have a great day!!

    I previously posted in the Free Equipment & Parts Marketplace but have not had any responses. I need 2 of the decks #30135

    Wanted 36" Toro deck model 30135: Actually need 2 of these decks - both mine are rusted so the blades are uneven & scalping turf. Thought about having welded but a lot of people have told me that never works. Anyway, the machine is fine, just need new deck. Both are 2002 machine model #30167 & deck model #30135. Please let me know if you have one or 2 of these reasonably priced in metro Atlanta. Thanks!!

    Please let me know if anyone knows of a lawnmower graveyard around metro Atlanta. I've been told it's not worth it to try & weld these decks. Thanks!
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    Need a replacement engine for a Honda HRX 217 HXA .Do you happen to have one.
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    Could yo do a cross referance check. It is an old Sears/Tecumseh
    The Sears number is 143-566242.
    I think it may be a HH60. That was as close as I could get. Any one that can cross this old engine. I need model and spec. The Sears Parts web site was not much help. I got it running but more information would be nice to have. No hurry on this. If it takes a month I am OK with that.
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    That's a very generous offer. Do you have parts diagrams for the Husky 324 HDA55 hedgetrimmer and the Husqvarna 326 P5 X-Series E-Tech II Pole Saw?
    I'm trying to marry the hedgetrimmer shaft and cutting head to the engine from the 326 pole saw. Do you think that can be done fairly easily?
    Thanks in advance for any help.
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    I need an electrical diagram for my Walker mower. 2006 mtghs 20 hp
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    This Peter hasn't posted since he started this thread, I doubt he will !?!?


    I dusted off my old microfiche reader and card 28, Found you have a H60 spec 75147E.....

    Good Luck
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    Husky 324 HDA55 hedgetrimmer http://www.ereplacementparts.com/hu...dge-trimmer-parts-c-114486_117795_118890.html

    Husqvarna 326 P5 X-Series E-Tech II Pole Saw http://www.partstree.com/parts/?lc=Husqvarna&mn=326+E+X-Series+(E-TECH+2)+(2001-03)
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