If you were building your own custom trailer....

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by FrankenScagMachines, Aug 18, 2004.

  1. FrankenScagMachines

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    ok here's the current floor plan of the trailer. It's gonna be 7.5 x 22'

  2. FrankenScagMachines

    FrankenScagMachines LawnSite Platinum Member
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    oh, except the top door on the debris hopper will open the other direction, becuase at 4' tall from the trailer deck I won't be able to dump from the side of the trailer well (trailer is 20" off of ground) so i'll need to step up the side gate to dump... or i may make the box only 3' high, then i could dump in it from the side of the trailer (without lower side gate). Yes 3' it may be... I would maybe lower the storage area to 3' also, to decrease air resistance. At 4' tall, it's a very large storage area. At 3' tall I would probably go with 1' tall lower section and 2' tall upper section.

    At 7.5' wide and 3' long and 3' tall, the debris hopper still holds a whopping 2.5 cubic yards. thats quite a bit really!

    On the trailer tongue area I probably will just make a platform to stand on to allow easier access to the upper storage compartment.

    Man I'm so looking foward to this! it's my dream trailer, except not enclosed! LOL... Open gives alot of versatility though (material hauling and less air resistance for example).
  3. FrankenScagMachines

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    Oh, BS, about backing up- I'm gonna put a couple auxillary flood lights on back that can be turned on when backing up. Also i have a couple yellow rotator lights i COULD put near the back of the trailer and turn on when backing up (they're not that visible in daytime though but i'll be coming in close to dark some especially this part of season) but that may look kinda dumb. I thought also about those backup alarms, they're only $10 or so at a parts store. Opinions on the yellow lights would be appreciated! I think strobes would be alot better, built into the taillights, yeah! nah gotta stay in budget and we're pushing it already. May not be getting some toys i wanted for leaf removal due to this trailer.

    Total price of the trailer for purchase and all stuff necessary to build it, should be around $850 or so. Not bad for what i'm getting!
  4. Eric 1

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    It keeps growing! 18-20-22. lol. Have fun and lets see some pics when its done.:cool:
  5. txlawnking

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    Eric, one thing I would do is make EVERY single light on the trailer LED... Last a Loooong time, very bright, and Just look trick..LOL

    I would do everything to avoid contact with a statey (trooper).. and lights not being burt out helps.
  6. greasy_gun

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    i would add a spare tire carrier/rack...

    DUSTYCEDAR LawnSite Fanatic
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    what u gona paint it
  8. FrankenScagMachines

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    tx, i really wanted LED's, but they're really expensive in comparison to regular lights and right now, i gotta keep cost down as much as possible... having the frame sandblasted tomorrow. The steel is running me around $300-350, which I thought it might be about $200, so thats a big extra expense. The lumber is going to be a bit more than i originally thought also. I got a light kit at advance auto parts that has the combo lights with extra wide rear marker lights that stick out of the regular light box (they have turn signals on them for people beside you), license plate frame and light, and two amber marker lights for up front. I'm going to add two utility lights for night work or backing up and probably add a backup alarm for safety's sake. I think when i'm done with all wiring and lights and stuff i'll have spent around $100 on that. This is getting expensive fast! but still less than half price of similarly equipped rig new. oh, also i have an electric actuator motor that i'm thinking about mounting on the tongue jack.

    greasy-gun, already got it! trailer came with spare tire and swing-away mount. i'll probably mount it under the tongue.

    Dusty- probably red. Red is just one of my colors... most of my equipment is red, all 3 of my garden tractors happen to be red, it's one of my favorite colors, lol. I want the rig to match as much as possible, and having the trailer the same color as equipment is a step in the right direction. it's more noticable than black anyway and doesn't look as drab and dull.

    Also i'll have a special rack/holder built to hold the vac bagger hood and bag holder device when not in use. It will hold it just like the mower does, so it won't go flying around the trailer when i'm not bagging (thats a big problem now, as the unit is so heavy and awkward that there is no good way to store or transport the thing). I'm so excited about this!!!

    updated floor plan:

  9. MTR

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    7.5' x 22' are u sure it's a lawn service trailer? Are u using as a sodding service ? How are you gonna park that trailer in residential and subdivision? It probably block driveway of other homeowner, let alone a parking and storage space.
  10. FrankenScagMachines

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    MTR, just for lawn maintenance and the like. It will have lots of room! I then have a 8'x12' flatbed truck freed up to use. This means, I can haul 4 yards of mulch on the truck and haul all my mowing equipment plus have room to dump a day's worth or more of grass clippings, on the trailer!
    Just measured it, 47' overall length truck & trailer. I drove to my tightest places with it the other day, it fits there (I park on the road at all but one place, there i think i can just pull in and back out, i didn't try that place yet but i'll work).


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