"if you won't do it, i'll get someone else"

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by bobbygedd, Aug 31, 2005.

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    good grief, this lady, i been mowing there 2 yrs. last year, we did bedwork= edged, mulch, weeded, trimming, etc. her bill was $600. today, i go to mow, she comes out like a linebacker, she had a paver walkway put in, and there are weeds popping thru everywhere. also, her beds have weeds about 3 ft tall and covers every sq inch of the beds. she said she wanted me to clean up the weeds in the walkway, and in the beds. i said, sure, $75 an hour, i'll have my guy here monday morning. she took a fit. she feels that, for her $28, she gets the grasscut, and it only takes 10 minutes, so i should have no problem spending a half hour a week, weeding and such, at no additional cost. forget it granny, it aint happenin. she says if i don't, she'll get someone who will. later granny, oh, and your pre pay fert program, IS NON REFUNDABLE!! the nerve, of some people
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    ~~Customer's are great arn't they?~~
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    I got the same thing here, this guy's 84 years old and thinks our mowing and fert contract covers raking, tree trimming, picking up his trash and everything else. To top it off he has the balls to tell me he thinks were too expensive. Remind you this guy just walked into a subsidy check for 74K A MONTH!
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    This business would be great,........if it weren't for the people. :rolleyes:

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