If your thinking of calling your insurance company be carefull

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by grandview (2006), Oct 4, 2006.

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    It a little long. Even if you call the insurance company (the 800 #) and ask about something they treat it as a claim against you even if you don't file anything. Call your local agent first and ask if they file a CLUE form.
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    Oh Yeah, I know...

    I was insured by one of the better known carriers (big Insco) and I went to their web site one day to browse around, and it asked 'would you like to inquire about commercial coverage premiums for one or more of your vehicles?'
    And so I am thinking, ok, just for kicks, lets see how much the premium would be IF...
    It was a trap!
    They dropped me, just for wanting to know, out of idle curiosity, since THEY ASKED!

    So I done learned my lesson, NEVER call your Insco for anything, never ask no questions, don't say squat to those mofos, don't even look in their direction. They will use any excuse to raise your premiums, that's really what they're looking for, but IF you accidentally wander off a little too far, then they drop you.

    So stay clear, don't go near that place, there be dragons.
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    Just more B.S on the net...
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    My daughter loves dragons! I could probably help you w/ more info.
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    Hey Splicer,
    Are you talking about the story? Just call and ask you agent about it.
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    The CLUE has always been there. If you talk to the agent BEFORE calling the company you should be OK. You see, the agents have nothing to do with the CLUE report. It is a company thing. As for filing a claim that is denied or you just chose not to pursue, yes, once the claim is filed, it is there usually for 3-4 years. Some companies will ask for additional years to obtain credit(price reduction). As for the credit scoring, tha
  7. VBsnow

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    that is used by most companies. I work for the company that writes my auto insurance and they check mine every year. There is currently alot of debate about this method but I do not see it going anywhere. As for the CLUE, it will always be there. In fact with computers it is much more accurate. The main database though is for work comp. Now NCCI has a master data base and those who change their companies name to escape a bad history are being linked via common ownership.
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    .... Interesting situation :eek:


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