If your trailer or truck doesn't dump, would you...


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If you had a trailer or truck you used for leaf removal and didn't dump but had a leaf vac on it, would you, or has anyone used the vac to empty it instead of raking it out?
Just a thought.


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Alright. Posted this last year on time savings to non dumping trailers or trucks.

Take a solid pallet. tie 6 feet rope or chain to each corner. take 2 of the ropes from the corners and tie to a rope 2-3x the length of the overall trailer. now do this to the other side also.
now put the pallet at the front of your truck or trailer. lay the rope along the side. put extra rope where you can access it when trailer is full. I put 2 bags one each back corner that the rope rides in.

Now when you go to dump you hook onto an immovable object and drive forward. I can unload a 5x10 with 4' sides in about 1 minute.

Good luck.


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I came across a company with a 24 ft. enclosed trailer with a 24hp vac on wheels strapped to the ramp tailgate door (while it was down). They had caster wheels on the door. and were blowing leaves from the median in the middle of the road. To unload he said that he turned the vacuum around and sucked the leaves out of the trailer. I wish I took a picture !!!

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We have loaders and dumps, but I thought you may like this. I bought one of those goofy roller tarp things off eBay. I think it was called a "Load Handler 3000" or something like that. It is basically a fiber tarp on a roller that mounts to your p/u tailgate. You unroll it into the bed of the truck and then load on top of it. When you put the gate down, it has a crank handle that you turn to roll it back up. As it rolls in, it brings the load to the back and off the tailgate. It leaves a little behind, but you can use a blower and have it out in about 15 seconds. The thing cost about $150. I put it on my own pick up. It works awesome for mulch and leaves. It will move up to 3000 lbs, but the lighter stuff is better. We put 8' high sides on that pick up for leaves. Can get almost 15 cubic yards in there... lol good thing they are light..lol :)


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I have a truck vac to load the truck and also use it to unload. A dump would be great but that is not going to happen this year. One person uses the hose and the other uses a pitch fork to move the leaves. I dump on my own property and it eventually becomes compost. Matt


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I know exactly what your talking about.

My neighbor had one of those awhile back and he swore by it, he even unloaded some crushed stone with it one time.


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I built 2ft sides on my 3/4 ton truck. And when ever I am hauling material, I layer it with 8x10ft tarps. That way when im dumping off grass, sod, dirt, leaves, mulch, etc. it takes me less than a minute, and sometimes its faster that way then having a dump. Several times while Ive been at the dump site, ive seen guys with the dump trucks struggle if they have to much stuff in because it wil get caught on thetailgate part that flaps open (hard to explain)....

but the tarp way works best for leaves and grass IMO, and keeping the bed clean too.