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Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by blabarre, Jan 6, 2013.

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    Well I thought I had a bad ignition coil, but apon further inspection the spark plug tip that connects to the boot was unscrewed and was therefore not making a connection. I put 2 new spark plugs in my fh601v kawasaki engine and the mower is running smoother than it ever has. Would my mower be running smoother than ever if I had a bad coil? i mean could it be possible that the coil is still bad even though it is running perfectly?I have never had the mower cut off or not function properly when it gets hot. Just been having issues with the mower sputtering from low to high idle. Could my old plug be fouled out? Would a bad coil foul a plug? Thanks for any help. I am just hoping that my mower is finally fixed!

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  3. blabarre

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    Bigfish, thanks for the advice earlier about checking the plug. I would have possibly bought a new coil when I might have not needed it. I never realized that the tips of the plugs could screw off. I am just wondering if that has been my problem All along. I am worried however that these new NGK plugs are just a temporary fix. Once they break in I may run into the same issues I was having?
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    You Rang...????

    Blabarre...forget about it...its running good now...trust your engine...
    If you really want something to worry about...
    Your engine will probably blow up before it reaches 5000 running hours...
    Throw a spare set of plugs in your toolbox...and move forward...
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    Haha thank. Good advice
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