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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by CSRA Landscaping, Apr 23, 2001.

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    Ok, you can call me a scrub and begin bashing me if you like, but I'm trying to learn. I am new in the biz, only been around for just under a year and I know nothing, virtually, of the ins-n-outs of the technical parts of landscaping. I'm tempted to just stick with lawncare because that's simple and I like simple. However, I find it increasingly difficult to do that, as there's $$ to be made doing l/s stuff and I'm constantly getting requests for it. So ... HELP!! Where do I go and what do I do to really learn about landscaping?? I need to know everything, from the bottom up, so no post is too simple. Thanks in advance, folks.
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    dont worry about learning everything. you couldnt do it if you had 100 years to learn in. there is so much info out there about so many different things. i would honestly say maybe learn the plants first. good way to do that is get some books. hang out at the nursery a lot. or go and work for somebody. if you really wanna get into it. try doing stuff at your own place for starters. someplace where you can try new things. so if you plant something and it dies you dont have to replace it, just learn. or if you want to put up a wall and it collapses you arent being sued for millions of dollars. or drainage, either it works or it doesnt. try doing that for a while. if not like i said go work for somebody.
  3. John Allin

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    And... you're not a scrub....
    Scrubs don't want to learn.
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    It's kind of like getting in a boat and sailing, all depends on which direction you want to head towards.

    Start off small, that way your mistakes will be small, everyone makes them. Learn what you can from books, posts and use common sense.

    Mainly figure out what you find interesting in the landscape area and start with that. If you are anything like me you will find it much easier to read through material on a subject you find interesting.

    Good Luck,
    Jim L
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    I would recommend checking into your local techinical college. In Wisconsin I am fortunate enough to have a tech school that has a landscape horticulture program that teaches everything from the ground up. This includes the basics of plants, hardscapes, and even soil evaluations and turf grass id. Take a few night classes and you not only learn from the instructor but from others in the industry. Thanks to my classes I have an extensive list of people that I can refer work to and get work from if either of us is too booked.
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    I was the same way about seven years ago. I wanted to learn so bad but there was no courses, etc... So I made friends with my local extension agent who was also a neighbor. I hung out with him for about two years, I would stop by his office and talk, go on work days and prune, also ask lots of questions. I really learned alot. He was a great guy and able to pass on alot of very valuable information.

    There still alot I don't know but the ground work for building an extensive education was laid. Now I have gotten my license to apply pesticides about three years now, been landscaping and hydroseeding for about five years, and mowing and turf care for about nine years.

    I have the confidence to go after the certifications when I need them. Like I said, there is alot I don't know. BUT, I know where to find answers in books, the interent, and friends in the industry.

    Your golden rule should be:
    "If you don't know something, ask and research it. Don't give up and live in ignorance."

    When I realized that there was so many out there that would help me if I asked them questions, I really got encouraged.
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    I would get a number of books and mags, also start talking to people like this.

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