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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by blade11, Jan 26, 2002.

  1. blade11

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    Hey all--

    Just thought I might drop a few lines to ask if anyone has taken the IL pesticide applicator license test. i am getting ready to take it this coming week and was looking for some insight. i have the study materials and have been told that any safety issues are hot test topics. thanks in advance!
  2. Evan528

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    I just took the exam in Pa and yes...a good portion of the core exam questions were related to saftly. The catagory 7 test I took (turf) had about 80% insect related questions.
  3. BFreiburger

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    I took the Illinois test last year, General standards and Turf.

    Wasn't the toughest test I had ever taken but pay attention to the math and review the labels section closely.

    Good luck.
  4. I need to take this test in Il as I want to expand to the bi state area.

    Illinois is a 25 min drive from me.

    Won't happen till next season.
  5. Soupy

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    Lawngodfather, I know this is a old thread, But your best opratunity to take the IL. test will be next January in Collinsville. Other then that you will have a farther drive. If you need to know exact dates, email me and I'll look it up. I plan on takeing the test then also. I'm located in Belleville. Collinsville has this test twice a year and the last one just took place in April.

    Does anyone know If you have to be licensed to apply straight Fert. in Illinois. I sub out all my Apps. right now, But I would like to start applying my own Seed starter and Fert apps. I have never bothered before because I was getting such a deal from a reletive that worked for one of the Big company's. But he's not doing it anymore and my new Sub charges alot more.

  6. lawnstudent

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    IL does not currently require an app license to apply stright fert, but you must post a fert app (flag with your company name, phone number and notice of app). Weed & Feed does require a license.

  7. mowbetterlawns

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    I was wondering if as of 2009 you still do not need an applicators license to apply weed n feed on a clients lawn in Illinois? Also if anyone has a list f dates or locations for Illinois applicators test?

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