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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by procut, Apr 21, 2005.

  1. procut

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    Was at a new customers house the other day. When I say "We'll start on Wednesday and then weekly after that" He gets all confused, and says "Oh no, I'll call you when I want it done" I said either you go on a weekly basis or I'm not interested. Went on and on about how he didn't want to pay for a cut when it didn't need it. I told him I would be considerate if we had extremly dry weather. Eventually, I convinced him on a weekly basis. WTF?
  2. Davis Lawn Mowing LLC

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    Happens to me just about every time I am giving estimates for the seniors. I'll call when it needs to be cut. I tell them politely I cut weekly and if we run into really dry weather in July and August it may need cutting only every other week. They seem to grasp that concept but in fact they will still call to let me know it is ok to mow. I remind them again, I come each Tuesday, Wednesday whatever day it is and when we get to the dryer months we will see how it goes. I just remember last year I had a lady, in April mind you, who said her yard was not growing and not come by this week. Remember all the rain? So I say ok and wanted to teach her a lesson. I go by the following week and her yard is 14 inches high. I tell her it will be double the price, so $50 for the cut and she litterally flips out. Why not $25? I said because you yard is a over a foot high and I have to cut it twice. She refused. I said see ya, but I am still billing you for the stop.
  3. br549oicu8

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    Those that ask if they can call when needed are simply told...sure!!! We schedule 7-10 days in advance so be sure to call that far ahead!
    Makes them kinda wonder......uhhhh.....
    Then they get the message!
  4. crawdad

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    I told a customer yesterday that I had so many people request to have me on call, I was thinking of getting rid of the truck, getting an ambulance, and charging ambulance and emergency room rates. He agreed to get on the schedule at regular rates.
  5. SnoMan97

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    I just heard the same thing yesterday from an older woman whom I gave an estimate. People just don't understand sometimes that we schedule a week or more in advance and we can't be "on call" for them. I have one guy I have been cutting on Saturday mornings, weather permitting, for two seasons. He still calls just about every Friday evening or early Saturday morning to make sure I'm coming to mow. :dizzy:
  6. l1011100

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    I have one customer like this, what a pain. he calls me on Tues. and says he wants me there on Wed. before 4pm. When I tell him how many lawns I have to do that week and that he will have to wait till next week he flips out every time. For some reason he thinks I am his hay boy and will come every time he calls. I going to drop him next time he calls, the only problem is he is my friends neighbor. Oh well. I hate PITA customers.
  7. LCME

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    This happened to me a few days ago. I'm on my route. Two lawns on one side of the street. then, i go across the street and start mowing. i get half done and the little old lady comes outside to tell me to stop mowing. i do not want my lawn mowed today. i asked why. she says the grass is not long enough. but it is i say. then she tells me not to mow because she needs to find somebody to rake the yard. so, i tell her fine but i have to charge for the stop. then, she says ok and from now on i will call you when i want the lawn cut. i look at her like wtf. so, i say ok see ya. i'm thinking of dropping her. but i'm mowing 2 lawns next door.
  8. Wil22

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    I liked that response.

    I'm on my way to see a woman who had me mow one time last year. Now she wants me to come mow today. I'm going with a contract in hand and will try your response when she say's "I'll call you when I need you".
  9. grassrootsinab

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    I picked up a number of clients from a guy who quit this year. They all are telling me that they don't want it cut every week, just when it needs it. I tell them I have too many yards to look after and that it must go on a weekly schedule until July/August when it slows down. I'm beginning to see why the other guy quit. If he is only cutting when the customer wanted, he couldn't plan cash flow, routes or anything....we'll see how it goes...I'm not changing my ways that's for sure!!!
  10. rodfather

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    I decide when/if it needs to be cut...not the customer. Period

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