I'll never be single again.

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    I realize that there's a gazillion threads on the topic of double blades, but I just converted over from singles to doubles last week and feel like a kid in a candy shop. No more double cutting for me. I hope with all the new members on this site, they can benefit from double blades. Do a search like I did and you'll find a ton of info on this. One thing, my mechanic was skeptical about putting a metal washer between the blades. He felt as if they would slip out of the X formation since you have metal against metal. So instead, he put FIBER washers between the blades and I haven't had any slippage at all. Hope this helps!!!

    Thank-you Eric!!!!!!:angel: :angel:

  2. MacLawnCo

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    I just went to doubles a few weeks ago, and also am impressed. I, on the other hand, bought a set Dixie Chopper double blade braskets that sit in between the two blades and hold them perfectly at 90 degrees. That way, they can never move. I only payed $60 for three brackets, I think it is worth it just for my peace of mind.
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    What equipment are you running them on?
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    If you are concerned about the balades slipping, why have any washer in there at all? I mean, you will have a much more solid surface to surface contact with aLOT more surface contact than you would with a washer in between. It seems with a washer between the two blades, it would be much more prone to slippage.
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    Ditto what Runner said. I have been running doubles going on three years now and do not use anything between the blades. After cutting the first law the grass residue buildup on the bottom blade locks them in place for rest of day unless you hit something solid of course. Not to mention on the Scag a blade pretty much equals one spacer making things align much better.
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    has anyone tried to put doubles on a 21" ? i've got a gators on my hondas and i asked my dealer if it was possible to put doubles on it... (i'm not talking about the hondas that come with a double blade stacked either.. that setup is lousy)...anyhow the dealer just looked at me like i was stupid so i haven't tried it yet..
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    when you put double blades on a ztr,, will you get more blowout out the front of the decK? I seem to have a lot of that going on?? any thing to help the blowout?? thanks.
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    can you run a double blade setup on a bobcat rider and WB?

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    With the setup I have, I must use a washer due to the fact that when I put the first blade into the cradle, there would be a slight gap between the blades if I put the second blade on without a washer. I'm running a 44inch Toro WB. I forgot to mention that if you have a Toro and decide to go with doubles, don't bother with the anti-scalping cups.

    FASTRUNNER-- I've experienced some blowout from the front when I mow over leaves. I believe this is common. I remember when I did my search this topic was covered but can't remember the details. Something like attaching a piece of rubber on the front? Maybe some members here can expand on this for us rookies!!!

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    Don't let OSHA or MISHA see you doing that or you'll get fined!
    Also if there's an accident....you were operating your mower outside of factory specs and you won't have a leg to stand on if you're sued!:(

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