Ill never do that again!!!

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by pjslawncare/landscap, Sep 22, 2004.

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    We mow about 23 homes in this upscale subdivision of about 60 homes total. We got about 10 mowed and took lunch, then came back & started on the rest. No more than two minutes into it, Im in this front yard of this couples home who had recently moved in when all of a sudden the wife storms out the front door heading for her car in the drive. Before she gets to it, her spouse comes running after her, catches up, grabs her arm, spins her around and starts hollering & shaking her then open hand slaps her in the face. I tensed up with anger and exploded hollering "leave her alone!". They both stop, looking at me with a shocked look, he said something to her and they both went back inside volintarilly. I then went to my truck, got my workers cell phone (I need to get one, but hate phones) and called the cops. After about 45 minutes latter, I see the cop car, flag them down and told them which home it was and what I saw. Well, about 10 minutes latter the cop car was leaving when I flagged them down again and guess what?????
    Yea buddy, she denied everything. Pissed off, I told the police that next time I will just let him beat the crap out of her. Who knows, maybe she likes it that way. Perhaps its some kind of kinky foreplay or something "Beat me honey, then take me inside and rape me!". My guy and I finished the day joking about it. Perhaps we should wear referee jerseys and carry whistles when we mow that yard from now on.
    Well seriously, what do you think I should do?
    #1 Nothing and carry on as if nothing happend
    #2 Cancel the woman beater and give him his final invoice (he owes for 2 & 1/2 mowings as I didnt finish his yard today).
    #3 call or talk face to face and express my concerns about spousal violence and hopefully I wont see that again and resume service.

    Im leaning to #2 and I may hand deliver the final invoice to further imbarrase the coward, however Im still a bit pumped up and pissed about the whole situation (him hitting her and her lieing and making me out as a lier)
    What would u do??????
  2. Creative Lawn Care

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    MAy not be the right thing to do, but i probably would have stopped mowing and punched him a few times. No excuse for a man to ever hit a woman. I feel very strongly about this.
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    PJ, being a fulltime fireman we see this all the time.Its like they like it or something"I know my nose is splattered across my face but i really love him".You did the right thing if he would have beat her to death you more than likely would feel bad.
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    idk what i would have done?

    maybe she lied because she figured if she told the truth her husband would beat her even more when he got out?

    or maybe it was some kind of kinky play, but that seems wayyyyy to fin' weird!
  5. matthew horner

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    Always do what you did. you should be commended. Society lacks people who take action. Thank you from this individual!

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    Studies have shown that women who are abused will not report the abouse. Some live in relationships like that for years. There are several reasons: children; fear of future abuse; financially dependent on spouse; and love. Never does the kinky aspect come into play with actual abuse.

    What you saw was abuse and chances are it was not the first time. Do not fool yourself into thinking that she liked it, she did not. While I would want to stop service I think that for the woman's sake the best thing you could do is to continue to work at her home. Even if payments are slow. She needs a set of eyes watching.

    You did the right thing and chances are the neighbors have seen or heard this before but did not want to "get involved". Stay there if for no other reason than you may save her life some day. Good Luck.
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  8. Steve9

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    Maybe you should have walked up and punched HER in the face?
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    I dont get that
  10. QualityLawnCare4u

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    You handled it better than Im affraid I would. I have ZERO tolerance for a man who hits a woman, I dont give a dam what the circumstances are. It is discouraguing when you try to help and you get made out to be the bad guy.


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