I'll sell you my fert. accounts, never mind....

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by oOTurfmanoO, Nov 6, 2006.

  1. oOTurfmanoO

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    This is what I just dealt with.

    I was in touch with a larger Landscape company in my area at the beginning of the year. They are moving toward big landscape jobs and chemical apps are just something they do for the heck of it. Mowing is only done to keep $$ coming in. Anyway, he told me to contact him at the end of the season to discuss the matter. (I mow but want to get out of it and grow as a application company). I figured purchasing accounts would be a great idea. He also like the idea of offering them to me vs. a TruGreen or the like in an effort to help a smaller operation.

    So I sent him an email about a week or two ago, haven't heard from him. So I called this morning and touched base with him. Right off the bat, he said he was entertaining the thought of selling to a fert company vs. someone like me to avoid maintenance competition.

    I said ok, and we left it at that. Should I continue to pursue the opportunity and offer to sign a no-compete clause and assure him that by purchasing the accounts, my goal is to get out of mowing.
  2. Tony Clifton

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    Definately pursue it, don't just drop it. I would have kept in touch with him all year. Explain your goals, and take some time to let him know you will sign a non compete etc/
  3. lawnservice

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    hmmmm, do these accounts have any real value to them. Are they worthy??

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    depends what area they r in as to what they may sell for and a big fert company may pay more than u or i would
  5. oOTurfmanoO

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    This company started about 16 years ago like many other companies, a pick-up and push mower. Now this guy has more trucks and trailers on the road than you can imagine. Everything is identical, very polished operation. Anyway, they are getting into lighting, ponds, tri-axle works and so on. He flat out told me that he is not interested in gaining more mowing accounts, he simply keeps what they have for continous $$.

    He has dedicated mowing crews and landscape crews. I think he was making all the apps. this year being he is the only certified applicator on board.

    All this said, his company is growing largely in the direction of landscaping and apparently feels threatened by me:confused: !

    The more applications I am making, the less mowing I do, the less mulch I toss, the less string trimmer line I put on, and so on.

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