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I'll start. Lets some some pond pics!!!


LawnSite Senior Member
Here is my most recent build.

Comments welcomed please. I would like to learn from all the experts on what I could do better, I know there have to be a few things.

I also did lighting on this project, but I do not really know how to take a good lighting picture. My attempts did not turn out real well.

All landscape walls and water pond feature are new by my design. Please let me know what you think. I will be happy to give more details, let me know what you are looking for and I will answer.







LawnSite Silver Member
This is the sponsor's forum, there is a separate Pond forum, plenty of pics in there too.

Thats enough hair splitting, back to the pictures above. looks good, but I would add some rocks to the bio-falls to try to hide the box more. Also did you use the plastic rock for the falls? I usually scrap it and try to get a natural stone to take its place. Did you intentionally tweak it so 90% of the water goes over the right side falls? Personally I would try to split them 40-60% or so. Other than that it looks great. The size matches the space.


LawnSite Senior Member
oops, I thought this was in the other forum, didnt see the sponsor below. I really hadnt even realized there were two Pond Design, Construction & Water Gardening Forums until you just pointed it out.

The falls stones are natural - I threw out the plastic thing, but then later realized the natural looks almost identical to the plastic one. o-well....

The water over the first falls is split almost perfect now, I dont know what was going on in that picture. Then below that I wanted the big fall to have most of the flow to make that have a real smooth look and the other falls to be more of a splash type weir.

Thanks for your comments.
More pics from that job. http://good-times.webshots.com/album/556092986HzdlfV