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    a friend of mine works for the street dept. in a nieghboring town that does leaf pickup for the town, talking to him today he told me about an LCO that they caught bringing all his lawn waste for the last couple weeks and dumping it in front of his house for them to pick up. they called their boss about it and he went and took a look then called the police and had him cited for illeagal dumping $500 fine and up to 60 days in jail. the pile was 10-12' wide 5' high and 40' long. he also has 48 hours to have it removed or he will be cited for other violations.
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    I think he deserves to be fined and hope he gets what is coming to him for trying to take advantage of the town, or anyone else for that matter, to only line his pockets.
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    That's pretty crappy.

    With a pile that size, it's amazing he didn't get caught sooner.

    I'm lucky, a large landscaping co. has a compost pile just outside of town, and it's free dumping for anyone who lives in my town or the neighboring one. So I don't have to worry about where to dump grass or brush.
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    if it was just 2 trash cans a week he would have been fine. :hammerhead:
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    OK, what if the leaves that he had piled up came from people that would have piled leaves on the street for the city to clean up anyhow. By making one stop for the city, he's actually saving the city money......

    I'd spend money defending it in court....

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