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Discussion in 'NALP' started by Texas*Golf*Bum, Jul 14, 2018.

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    I'm sure this is all over the country, but for those of us who run a REAL business are frustrated. We are having a hard time hiring people. One of the huge obstacles is many are not taking out payroll taxes on those working for them. Here in Texas you can report them but we don't want to be recognized in the process. They state you can do this anonymous but are concerned this is not totally true. The many that do this know that who they hire can avoid child support as well. As far as lowballing many do not charge sales tax and don't pay time and a half. Also many are not insured causing them to have a lower operating cost. I don't see how this can be fixed.
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    ∆∆∆∆∆ spot on... In addition, lots of workers working side jobs on weekends for cash-sometimes as sub contractors for builders and many for remodelers AND these new UBER style/on demand mowing platforms which rely on sub contractors (these pay sales tax), but may or may not report federa(the subs) other than a simple 1099.
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    You work for clients that require proof of insurance, licenses and workers comp

    The guys you describe don’t even get invited to bid
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    Like above. Keep at it and you move into a different league where these guys don’t exist or matter.
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    Many HOAs here do.... they talk all big about requirements for insurance etc, but allow Joe Blo to bid cheap and they get all giddy about the cheap price
  6. Texas*Golf*Bum

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    It amazes me to see two guys in a truck, tank tops walmart equipment mowing 1M homes.
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    OMG YUP!! Here I took the time to create a legal business entity with proper insurance and comply with all State licensing regs. Then I spend $$$ to have commercial-grade equipment. Then I go to neighborhoods of all kinds and see two guys in a pickup with three push mowers in the bed (and I don't mean something that looks professional like KAZ's setup). Or the guys with a 1989 Buick Roadmaster Wagon with his trimmers and other supplies in the back and a REALLY old Craftsman Homeowner-grade tractor on a Harbor Freight 8x4 trailer. SMH. Maybe guys like me are really the one doing it wrong!
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    Don’t even get me started. Home-made trailers being towed by mini vans. Shirtless guys mowing with cigarettes hanging out of their mouths. I could go on and on. Nothing professional at all. I’m starting think I’m the moron trying to look professional, have professional equipment, insured, proper licensing, and being priced like a pro and not some hack.
  9. Texas*Golf*Bum

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    I have told my wife the same thing. It's all over this area and many I know for a fact don't have valid drivers license. No way would I let them on my property.
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  10. Texas*Golf*Bum

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    Oh, the cigarette drives me nuts. They also work all hours of the day because they don't pay overtime.I have to get my jobs done in an efficient manner so we can stop at 40 hours. If we can't, of course, it's time and a half and that's okay. You get hot, you work hard, you do the right thing, and see this nonsense going on. Shoot one of the guys who cut a lot of lawns is on doggone food stamps .Told one of my employees he doesn't show his income so he can double dip.
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