Illegal Operations

Discussion in 'NALP' started by Texas*Golf*Bum, Jul 14, 2018.

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    We don't have a problem with "illegals" here but we sure have a problem with unlicensed, uninsured guys. We have one that parks his truck/trailer with mowers on in the Walmart lot c/w signs( that we do by the way ) which is right across the street from where he works full time. He tells people he has 2 or 3 locations in different towns to make it look like he is a professional company. We get calls quite often from people to come and clean up his messes. We don't cause we are already busy with our regulars who believe in paying a good price for a good job.
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    Yeah but they charge anywhere from 1/3 to 1/2 what a "pro" may charge.
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    I find that number a bit on the high side but I am sure it's been happening. There are plenty of US citizens quite willing to help them do it. Payoffs go a long way and greedy employers just love cheap labor.
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    Yes and the American Taxpayer gets stuck filling in the gaps for all the excess money this costs the govt.

    Agree these greedy employers are a major part of the problem along with some politicians..

    If you leave the bank vault open and don't close it how many people will go in and help them selves to the loot ?

    If we have a purely open border how many will be tempted to cross and be happy to buy or steal and honest Americans SS # ... Almost all of them .... they have no loyalty to this country ... it's not their country so they don't care.
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    Yep and my guys get the funny looks because we have uniforms, neat appearances and standardized rigs. Sorry, not sorry. My business and I will portray the image I want. The cig smoking, wife beater does not help industry image which has suffered for years. In this day and age people expect a professional appearance. It inspires confidence and trust that theyve hired professionals. Please dont give me that " I am a pro and my appearance shouldnt matter" spiel. Been doing this too long. High probability the guy that looks like a scrub lives up to it in every business aspect.
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    Easy to do when your overhead consists of fuel and a fresh pack of 305s.
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    What you have a lot of around here is Hybrid Companies. They are registered businesses with insurance etc. They employ themselves and maybe 1 or more people on the books. The majority of their work is done off the books & in cash, which reduces their insurance. They pocket a lot of the cash, but use some of the cash to employ illegals, who also work for them, that are paid cash.

    On commercial work that requires Liability insurance & workers comp the management company can not ascertain that some of the workers of the contractor, are not being insured since the employee is paid in cash.
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    The weekend warriors who don’t want to pay taxes or insurance is slightly annoying. Usually a personal 1/2 ton truck pulling a trailer loaded to gills. Yea I’d have all new equipment too If I didn’t pay the dues and taxes, licensing..
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    Had a guy here that hired a fellow to run equipment for him. Told the guy he needed his own insurance to work for him so the employee listed his employers equipment under his farm insurance and worked for cash.

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