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    There are contractors out there that are dishonest in a legal sense while others are just plain unscrupulous. What they pull is close to illegal but just don't quite jump the line. These guys have less morals than an alley cat but they all seem to know which tricks to pull and how to get away with them. We currently have one like this in our area and on at least one occasion that we know of did cross the line. He wasn't charged but he was blacklisted from ever working for the school division again. In the court of public opinion these people are guilty but in a court of law they have committed no crime.
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    3 things:
    1) like others have stated, if you do a good job, eventually all other companies big and tiny won't matter.
    2) be careful judging others. Ive been legally in business over 20 years but have downsized so much at this point you might view me a as "2 guys in a pickup truck" even though im legit and service 100 accounts on avg weekly. I get looks from the from the crew cab dump trucks with the 16' enclosed trailer...i don't care, as long as checks clear and i keep my overhead low.
    3) karma. I don't care about the guy in the mini van and there are alot here. Any enforcement on any of the spectrum will always come back to you no matter how hard you try to appease the man by being honest and legit. I like it when we all do our thing and the govt leaves us alone, all of us.
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    At the end of the day if you can sleep with a good conscience, then that is all that matters.
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    Problem is too many people judging themselves based upon materialism .... If your honest, have good character, people will talk good about you and you will leave a lasting good impression and set an example for others to emulate.

    You could be the richest guy in the world and people will judge you as a scum bag if your a scum bag !

    Plenty of kids have had rich scum bag fathers and they distain them till they die. Many have had hard working fathers with good character and the kid remembers them forever and tries to follow their fathers example, honored that they were his child.

    Ya in a commercialized materialistic Hollywood society priorities can get all mixed up !
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