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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by ProSvcs, Feb 19, 2005.

  1. ProSvcs

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    I am doing some advertising in a local newspaper that focuses on a 50 mile radius. My AD starts this week. I spoke to the editor yesterday and they are willing to publish a Bi-Weekly article on Lawncare Problems and resolutions. My Company name will be at the bottom of the article and a referece to my display ad in the paper. I am considering the first article to on preperation for spring (What to ask lawncare contractors and why it's important) I thought this might be something that everyone could do. Locall papers and editors love to have free helpfull articles written for them.

    I am hoping that some of you will contribute to this artcle especially. When we have a finished article in this thread, we can all send it to our local papers for publishing. I know there are articles published all the time about verifying a contractors references, Licens, Insurance, etc.

    I would like to know what you guys think about the idea.

  2. fga

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    i think if you publish an article questioning alot of guys credentials.. you will make enemies.
    wrong or right, there are lines i wouldn't cross.

    hell, look at Jose Conseco! he shouldn't leave his house.
  3. ProSvcs

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    I am just thinking that the legal folks in the area would probably appreciate this type of article. I know I love when a residential customer asks if I have insurance. If the article causes one guy to have to become legal, That will be approx 20 1 acre lawns that wont be done for a mere 15 - 20 bucks. PPL that are legal will enjoy it, those that arent will hate it. I expect my phone to ring with complaints from those that are bottom feeders. They are part of the reason that my taxes, insurance, work comp, etc are so damn high (Someone has to pay for those that don't).
  4. GrassMasterNC

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    I think it's a great idea. You are obviously a smart businessman with a plan and good foresight. Who cares about what the scrubs think about you - maybe it'll get them to go legit and pay taxes - then you are doing you part to further stimulate your local economy. Good for you! I hope you corner the market and make a killing and become the biggest and best quality LCO in your area! Good Luck!

  5. bobbygedd

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    your insurence is not high because of them. i don't buy into that crap about blaming others for insurence rates, insurence companies are the scuzziest lowest life forms on this planet. anyhow, the article, i love it. but, as adam said, the bottom feeders outnumber the legit companies by about 8-1. i certainly don't want to be the one getting hundreds of guys who have nothing, and have nothing to lose, upset. you'll have to sleep with your eyes open if you do
  6. fga

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    the problem with that approach is, you'd better now make sure you are on your toes, and are fully compliant. you open the door for others to dissect your operation... and there are so many petty things that can be reported.

    i, myself, couldn't care about about the "bottom feeders" as you called them. they are no threat to me.
    i am running a legitimate business, but to be 100% able to pass an inspection, no way.
    do you store all your supplies like chems in an approved locking storage unit? are you mowers secured to pass an random check point? are all you ID numbers posted on your vehicles in the proper fashion? the list goes on and on and on...

    relax "agent smith"
  7. packerbacker

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    IVe always said mind your own business, take care of yourself and dont worry about what other people do...
  8. ProSvcs

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    You are right, I dont think anyone can pass every test out there to be 100% compliant with the laws. He!! the state makes new laws all the time because they cant comply with their old ones. I can and do comply with the ones that take the largest amount of money from my pocket though.


    Maybe you are right, Maybe we all not worry about if our neighbors are using unlicensed LCO's, (You know, the ones that are doing applications) these are the same folks that causing stricter laws to be put into place which the licensed PPL have to deal with.


    I just feel that if we all did things right to begin with, the laws and the cost of doing business would not be as high as it is today. laws and regulations are made by politicians. Although some laws are just created to generate more revenue for their pocket's, the vast majority of laws are created because of constituents complaint's, enough ppl complain a new law is passed.
    Are any new reulation's being passed because you have done inferior work for your customers?? (I dont think so). They are being passed because the "bottom feeders" are screwing up work that they are being hired to do.

    Everytime a new regulation or law is passed, does it cost you more money??
    Does it cost the illigal operators more money??
    Insurance does go up as well because of this reason.

    Dont fool yourself, Your cost of doing business is directly related to what these illegal ppl do or dont do. Their cost of doing business doesnt change because they are never going to try to comply with the regulations that they are causing to be put into place.


    You stated "i, myself, couldn't care about about the "bottom feeders" as you called them. they are no threat to me."

    Is this true??
    If a new law is passed because of these ppl doing inferior work which costs you an extra 20,000.00 just to operate, are they affecting your business??

    I have noticed that a lot of ppl on this board have a lot of issues with illegal fols and I thought that this was a way that we may all be able to do something about it.

    Imagine if all of us wrote something up and published it to one local paper the effects that it could have on the industry as a whole.

    I guess a lot of ppl like to bit** but very few want to take action.
    I know the above statement will get me flamed, but I really dont care. I for one am tired of all of the new bullsh** laws being introduced every year because the idiots wont comply with the old ones nor do they use any common sense when performing work.

    I'll go write my article now that i am totally discusted with this thread.

    Thanks guys, i appreciate all of the thought that has been put into the feedback.
  9. fga

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    don't try and come off righteous.. this is a stunt to gain more business for you, not alleviate problems in the industry.
    prove me wrong... if you get it published, don't refer to your own local ad, and sign it anonymous., or "local lawnboy"
  10. ProSvcs

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    This article, I will not refer to my local ad because i dont want to get all of the calls from the illegal ass***es.

    As for being righteous, This is a problem for everyone in the industry. (I even agreed with you as for complying 100% with every law out there) How is that being righteous??

    As for the other point I made, Please dispute any one of them.

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