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Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by Lynden-Jeff, Jun 15, 2007.

  1. Lynden-Jeff

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    Is there anything we can actually do about illegal operators? As much as it doesn't bother me my partner is very preoccupied with this and today after seeing 5 vans within 10 minutes all pulling either 1 push mower or a lawn tractor it made me think. I have noticed it this year more so then any previous.

  2. Diversified Maintenance

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    I think it varies from state to state. Here in Alabama you do not need to carry a license if you cut lawns. You DO if you do any type of landscaping...even laying sod. just not on the lawn cutting.
  3. prizeprop

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    How do you know there illegal operations?
  4. MJS

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    Agreed. I know people who mow with only a push or a rider, have a crummy looking vehicle, etc. and they are liscenced and legal.
  5. JJG84

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    i cant stand people who worry and cry about someone else on their "turf" with lawn cutting equipment.

    that was you at one time.
  6. Lynden-Jeff

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    Like I said it wasnt a big deal to me, customers learn their lesson eventually. And for your information that was never me, I started properly not out of a home depot.

  7. JJG84

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    usually people with SHlT equipment dont last long because the work is just too hard with SHlT equipment.

    if they can graduate from SHlT equipment, then I would begin to worry.

    Until then, I wouldnt waste much time crying.
  8. fiveoboy01

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    It wasn't everyone, and it wasn't me.

    Why worry, because those of us who follow the law dish out a lot more $ to do so, and don't like having our prices undercut and potential work taken from us by someone who isn't playing by the rules.

    Now as far as mowers in trunks, etc, I do agree that you can't really just assume someone is operating non-legit or that they're illegal by the equipment they're using.
  9. Ravenwood Landscaping

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    You know I see this type of thing in just about every other post. "That guy's illegal", "he doesn't have insurance", "he had the mower in his trunk". So what??

    If you're better than him, you're work will show it. If a customer left you for another guy who cuts their yard for half the price, then they we're probably going to leave you at some point even for something as little as $10. I don't pay attention to a single other person with a mower because I know that I do great work and my customers are happy. Those people are then referring me to others who will pay for my work. I haven't used one advertisement yet and I'm booked solid for the next two weeks. If you do good work, the guy next to you that doesn't do good work doesn't stand a chance.
  10. mojob

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    I've got to disagree with you. When it comes to weekly maintenance, some crappy Home Depot equipment will do just as good a job as high-end professional equipment. It won't last as long, but in the mean time, the weekend warrior is out working, making money and charging less than us full time professionals. Why? Because they can. They have other jobs that pay the bills, provide health insurance, etc. My point is this, the majority of our market doesn't really care who cuts their lawn as long as it looks pretty good and they show up when they're supposed to. The more weekend warriors you have in your market, the lower your rates will have to be to be competitive. Granted, you may be higher up on the food chain, but the average rate is effected by the number of weekend warriors. I don't care where you live, I would think, at minimum, a business license would be required. To get that, you have to register a business name with the state. At this point, you're on the IRS radar screen. That's why these guys don't want to be legit and that's not fair for the rest of us and until your market is saturated with weekend warriors, you probably won't "get it".

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