Illegal to display signs in neighborhoods?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by allstar, Nov 23, 2003.

  1. allstar

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    This question is along the same line as another one,"illegal to put fliers in mailboxes?". I was thinking about putting up signs in various subdivisions to advertise leaf removal.I'm sure that eventually someone will call me to remove them but by that time scores of people will have seen them. Is that the worse thing likely to happen,me having to remove the signs? I see signs posted all the time advertising weight loss products,home businesses,insurance,etc. so I'm thinking, even though it's probably illegal,the penalty may not be too severe.
  2. JimLewis

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    Inside sub-divisions; probably not the best idea. It's sometimes against the neighborhood Codes and Regulations to post signs in your own yard. And often, it's against Codes to post general signs up at random places (e.g. on a corner that's not necessarily anyone's property) inside a sub-division. If you place such a sign inside a sub-division randomly, you'll probably find it gets taken down rather quickly.

    In addition, there are usually city ordinances in regards to puting up signs around town as well. But those are usually enforced much. So that's why you usually see the signs around town for painters, weight loss, etc.

    All and all, this probably isn't the best or most legal way to get business. But if you're going to do it, probably your best bet is to put it along side a busy street leading UP TO a sub-division. Somewhere where everyone who drives by toward the sub-division will see it, but also some place that really isn't anyone's property. (e.g. a telephone poll, in some low brush on the side of the road, etc.)

    Still, you're taking a risk. If I were ever going to do this, I'd get a separate number (and one that could be turned off if the heat was on and not traced back to me - like a prepaid cell phone or something) and I'd just put a plain message with no company name on the sign. Something like;

    CALL (555) 555-1212

    And if complaints starting coming in or the city started to call, I'd get rid of the number and phone quick.
  3. BravesFan

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    In our county, you can't attach any signs to poles. Nothing worse than looking at a stop sign with 5 million little staples all over it and small bits of paper here and there.

    You are allowed to put up temporary free standing signs in some locations. I'm not sure of exact locations, but I need to look into it.

  4. aw3375

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    In some counties around here you can't put any signs up along any street. I used to be a manager for a local retail furniture store and we would get free standing yard signs to adv sales that we were running. We were told we had to go pick them up when someone called the police to complian. They gave us 1 day to go get them, after that the fine was $50 per sign that was not picked up. We usualy put them up late Fri. night and picked them up late Sunday night to avoid beeing seen by city officials, but all it takes is one person to call and complain and you could be spending a lot of dough.

    If you want to know for sure, you could always contact your local city clerk and check for any ordinances in your area.
  5. Turfdude

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    We have used site signs in the past for advertising. We always ask the client's permission first and make sure to remove tham after 7-10 days. It does work well for advertising, especially when you doi a lot of work in one neighborhood.
  6. Runner

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    Here, you can post signs, but can NOT post anything on streetsigns, telphone poles, guy wires, or anything of that sort. These are all known as "traffic devices", and it is written in the Michigan Vehicle Code.

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