Illegal to telemarket to a cell phone?

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by zz4guy, Jan 4, 2008.

  1. zz4guy

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    I got a call this afternoon from some slick salesman trying to sell me safety equipment. The number on the cell phone was blocked. Out of curiousity, I let him give his speech. But as soon as he found out I wasnt interested the bastard hung up on me.

    Isn't this illegal to be calling cell phones w/a product to sell? Is there a way to report this?
  2. LushGreenLawn

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    Technically yes, If you use your cell phone as your business phone, and have that number printed on advertisments, then an exception would be made.
  3. dutchhook

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    I had a mortgage business in Minnesota, and opened a branch office in Louisville. My manager started telemarketing for two weeks when the new law when into effect. one of the numbers was a cell number. We got fined $5000 per reported call (17 total) for $85000, settled with the AG for $5000, but yes, it's illegal!
    However, have you put your cell phone on the do not call list??

    if you want to report someone, just go to and do a search for do not call. There's a place to report someone and more importantly, you can also enter in your cell number on the do not call list at the same site. Try that,

    Best of Luck

  4. topsites

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    Afaik the do not call list no longer applies to cell phones used for business, at least not as of about a year ago.
    But you can always put the number there anyhow, just don't say anything and if you do get a call that's business related I am not sure you can complain, unless things have changed again...

    Either way they used to bug me to no end, dnc list or not.

    The last time I got such a call I went into convulsions, it's too bad because I really wanted it to sound a little better because towards the end I ran out of breath and even to me it sounded like I must be dieing or dead...

    I do admit it must've been an interesting sound from the other end thou I didn't quite get to the drooling part, didn't feel that was needed since nobody was watching anyhow, mostly it was all about the sound of things.

    Haven't had a one telemarketing call since, not a one in over a year.

    How odd I found this ...
    But they leave me alone.
    So, just play off some really fouled up sounding affair when the next one calls, no words works best, gag and choke lots lol.
    Don't laugh thou, somehow I found that part came to me, relatively easy.
  5. Runner

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  6. Flow Control

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    Personal Cell phone that is on the do not call list: Should have been scrubbed off his list before the called was ever made. Business phone = different story. Blocked # = against the law.

    Side note: What about these SPAM Text Messages. As far as I am concerned they should be considered telemarketing since they delivered via the telephone. I was in Mexico on vacation and received a text message at 3:30am EST. I was so groggy :drinkup: that I could not make sense out of the message and thought it was my answering service sending me a message that got jumbled up.
  7. zz4guy

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    Evenif the cell phone is registered for business use, if it is on the do-not-call registry isn't it still illegal for them to call you?
  8. Flow Control

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    Business phone numbers ARE OPEN GAME for Telemarketing the DO NOT CALL rules do not apply to business numbers (only residential). Fax numbers even fall into another column of rules. So your answer would be no. Most business numbers that would be solicited via public avenues: phone book & registering with your State. That is typically where telephony lists come from such as Not quite sure how ur cell number would be out there.
  9. kandklandscape

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    they call my cell all the time, telemarketers

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