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    Ok we don't have the time or amount of customers to get a license. But is it illegal if our customers go out and buy the material and pays us to put it down?

  2. thelawnguy

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  3. dougaustreim

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    Every States laws are a little different. In South Dakota if you apply any type of pesticide to any elses property you must have a commerical licencse. Just this year they passed an exception that allows farmers to exchange work applying pesticides without the license. That's the only exception.

    In fact in order to apply restricted products on your own property, you have to have a private applicators licnese.

    Thus even though I have a commercial licnese, I also have to have a private license to use RUPs at the nursery

    Point is the answer to your question would have to come from your state licensing agency

    Doug Austreim
    Austreim Landscaping Inc
  4. MuskTurfKing

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    Call and find out with your state, I'm sure it varies. If the customer buys it they might as well put it down themselves.

  5. groundsguy1970

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    In our state you can't even spray soap to kill aphids wo a license...
  6. sunrise

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    YES, you are doing it for a price.Your getting a wage for it
  7. MJB

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    That's why they call it an Applicators License in Wa St
  8. Doogiegh

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    From what I have always read and heard, and so far seems to be true in most states, you can apply miracle-gro, or fertilizer to any grass around because you are making things grow. Growing is good, so go ahead.

    But not so fast!!!

    Most fertilizer also has "Halts - Crab grass preventer" or "Weed" N Feed"... It's the Halting or Weeding or KILLING that is bad bad bad and needs to be licensed.

    Cause killing stuff means that *YOU* are playing God. Which plants live and which ones DIE. Decisions, Decisions, which need to be made by people who have been taught the right way and the wrong way to do it.

    And for that, you need a license. :)

    And that's why even spraying soap on some bugs (God-mode - deciding what dies, and when) needs a license.

    But if you want to mix up that blue colored Miracle Gro stuff all ya want, from what I've read, in most states, that would be fine.. <G>

    But probably Not what your customer exactly intended when they said "Do you do fertilizer?"
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    Bill summed it up good.
  10. smburgess

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    In Virginia I need a Fertilizer License (not an Applicator License) to put down Miracle-Gro on any property other than my own.

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