Illumicare's LED G4 Bi-pin Lamp w/ Rotatable Pin Base

Discussion in 'Landscape Lighting' started by pamelak, Jul 18, 2012.

  1. pamelak

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    Illumicare Group Limited released its 15-watt equivalent LED G4 bi-pin lamp with a rotatable pin base today.

    Currently, it is the only wafer-style LED lamp that can be rotated to accommodate any socket orientation.

    Our new LED G4 bi-pin lamps (LED BP SIDE) offer 45-degree vertical rotation of the bi-pin base. The LED BP SIDE lamp replaces a typical halogen Q10, Q15 and Q20 bulb, operates below 40°C (104°F), and produce between 120 and 125 lumens in a 3000 Kelvin (halogen equivalent) color temperature. All of Illumicare’s LED BP SIDE bi-pin lamps carry a 4-year warranty and a 35,000-hour service rating.

    For more information about Illumicare’s wafer-style LED G4 bi-pin lamps, visit

  2. LLC RI

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    That's a great idea... I think I came up with it!!!... I'm looking forward to trying this lamp out in the typical small wash light that has the bi pin socket base mounted on the side. So the pins can go in and the board rotated so that all the light comes out the front. I'm hoping the output of this is higher than the previous fixed pin wafer style piece.

    Next up... small , rotatable wedge base for deck lights and for my under counter lights which currently use 18 watt xenon lamps!

    Keep innovating..

  3. Steve Atkinson

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    Please forgive me if I am missing the point, but with a bi-pin (at least with the Brilliance unit), the light case is 360-degrees from the doides. Do you mean something to use in a fixture where the socket is mounted at the back of the fixture and not on the side?

    If so, Brilliance has a new unit coming out that may be what you are looking for. Details soon.

    If not, please clarify what you were saying.

  4. LLC RI

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    HI Steve,

    Ok.. to clarify... I use some small wash lights that look like ET's head and they have a socket mounted on the side, so a regular halogen bi pin would go in horizontally, pins on the left... hits the reflector and shines out the lens.

    The illumicare rotatable bi pin will fit in this fixture and unlike any LED bipin where the light comes out 360 degrees, this flat wafer style will emit all the light out in one direction laterally.

    Now, that's not to say that there's not a need a bipin that has all the light come out the top.. so to speak... the opposite end from the pins. This configuration will work nicely in the wash lights like what Coppermoon puts out. Currently, I use the bipins for those fixtures that have 360 deg light emission. The objection I have to that is that it relies on the reflector which isn't my first choice for getting the most LED light out of a fixture.

    By all means, keep me - us posted on anything new that is coming out. I think with this industry, everyone follows the same styles and designs that everyone else does. I think to be innovative, LED makers need to look at the popular fixtures and come up with LED configurations which conform to the fixture / socket position or are adaptable to accomodate.

    A good example is the 3 watt single contact LED that Dauer has... hell I put those LED"s in NIghtscaping Soffitliters, Mini Locators, and any other fixture where I want all the light to come out one end only.

    Hope that clarified something.. it's late... I'm tired.. but I think I conveyed what I was trying to! :)


  5. Illumicare

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    Hello George. You are owed a thank-you on this one as it was a conversation that we shared that led to the idea of the rotatable base, directional G4 BiPin lamp we launched yesterday. It's good to be heard isn't it? :)

    Sorry it took so long to bring it to market, but we actually worked very hard to develop that base and went through a few iterations to get it right.

    This lamp will be the perfect solution for small fixtures that have the socket mounted on the side of the fixture and where there is no consistency between the socket pin orientation and the lens of the fixture. No more having to bend the static pins of the directional wafer style lamp to get it aimed out of the lens. Puck lights, mini-floods, and wall wash fixtures where you want a soft, even, directional wash of light are where these small but mighty lamps will shine.

    Of course Illumicare still offers its rear-pin, directional, BiPin lamp for those fixtures that have the socket mounted at the back of the fixture.
    as well as our omni-directional G4 BiPin for fixtures such as path lights and full size floods where you might want more output than the wafer style lamps will provide.

    As with all of our lamps, these are specifically designed for use in LV outdoor lighting applications, inside enclosed fixtures and in moist/humid environments. All the while providing you with industry leading light output, colour consistency and lamp life. Illumicare is still the only LED lamp company that offers you a full line of high output miniature LED lamps; SCB, S8 Wedge, T5 Wedge, G5.3 BiPin, and 3 versions of G4 BiPin!

    Remember, if you ever have a question as to which LED lamp will fit into a fixture, you can send an email to and someone will get back to you quickly with a solution.

  6. irrig8r

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    Do you guys have line drawings, or better yet a video showing how this new lamp works?
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  7. pamelak

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    Hi Greg,

    Line drawings can be found on the second page of the spec sheet available here: Illumicare Rotatable LED G4 Bi pin lamp

    Product videos will be following as well.

    Please let me know if you need any more information.

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