Im 13 here is a link to my video for my equ

Discussion in 'Original Pictures Forum' started by Greenlandscaping, Apr 22, 2011.

  1. Greenlandscaping

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  2. ajslands

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    Kudos for being young and not a punk and being active in this business.

    I do hae two questions though?
    How do you have a truck at 13?
    Being 13, aren't you a little young to be doing tree work?
  3. bobcat48

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    Looks great,nice equipment.goodluck and enjoy the season!
  4. DoornbosOutdoorServices

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    You got a real nice set up there but I was thinking the samething...
  5. flyingdutch16

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    Wow thats a really nice setup for a 13 year old. That craftsman tractor is the exact same as the one i just sold. That thing is a beast and cuts very nicely btw, to bad had i had to upgrade to a Zero Turn. Good Luck this season!

    Btw how many lawns you cutting this season?
  6. Schrock Lawns

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    Looks good
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  7. Greenlandscaping

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    Im cutting about 10 but i have 3 yards that are over 3 acres. Im cutting around 15 to 20 acres a week but i will be picking up more jobs. I do everything from mulching to garage clean outs so im doing ok
  8. lawnsunlimited6

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    work hard,and build a good customer base while your young,it will pay off down the road.Most teens are in the house on some kind of electronic!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Greenlandscaping

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    The truck is my brothers he joined the buisness when i got my trailer at the end of the summer last year. However i pay for the gas and now at 4.10 a gallon:dizzy:. I cut mostly trees that are on the ground but we do small tree removal if it looks like we can take it on. My dads a climber so he will do anything.
  10. RainMen

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    I'm guessing your parents started you off with most of the big equipment? I know a lot of parents spoil their kids, but I don't know too many who do it with straight trimmers and chain saws :laugh:

    Good for you, kid, you keep working hard and you will be successful at whatever you choose to do. :weightlifter:

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