I'm 16 and starting up!

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Cartapo, Feb 6, 2012.

  1. Tholmes1

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    I would not plan on getting 20 jobs with only 100 flyers. You would be extremely lucky to get half that.
  2. nickslawnltd

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    When did Ottawa become slightly north of Toronto??:confused:
  3. Tizzy

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    im sorry but ive got to ask in your original post you said you want to do some stuff in you area for slightly less than what landscapers are charging.

    you said you would charge $40 for aeration and $70 for aeration and seeding. im just curious are the lawns in your area around 4000 sqft or so?

    have you considered liability insurance. or tried to calculate what your operating costs would be for aeration and seeding.

    i admire your drive to get out there and do something. but you may want to seriously consider what you are talking about doing and charging for the service you wish to provide. not trying to be an ass just dont want to see you crash and burn.
  4. DavidsonLandscaping

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    i agree with tizzy, i think the numbers are off. i dont see how renting a machine, and buy seed for $70 a average yard (im guessing) could be profit. maybe its where im at. im glad that you are driven, in the end i think you might be questioning where your money went. i find it odd that someone can pull 20 yards a single day doing this with out some type of prior relationship with the customer. not saying your lying, or discrediting you but im just baffeled of how this is going to work and make a good check in the end. someone enlighten me.

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