I'm 54..new metal hip put in 2 weeks ago..

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by mowisme, Dec 24, 2007.

  1. mowisme

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    Wondering if due to my age (not to much concern their thou..still energetic) but the fact I had a full hip replacement (steel) two weeks ago- Is this time to give up mowing come summer? I hate to, but really don't want to damage it either..nor do I want to sit around and 'stuff' envelopes! Does anyone here push mowers with a hip replacement? I am told no more high-impact activity. Mowing isn't really that but concerned about walking in embankments,ect.. I use a standing sulky at times which isn't to rough, but several I walk with a 21". Please tell me I don't need to give up this line of work? Geno
  2. KS_Grasscutter

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    Maybe its time to get a ZTR?
  3. AAXteriors

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    I second the Z-turn. If your yards are to small for a bigger Z, alot of the brands have there 34"-36" riders. Good luck

  4. PerfectEarth

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    Hire a good guy (yea, I know those are hard to find.) He can do the footwork while you take on some other tasks.... or maybe consider buying a rider if you can.
  5. siklid1066

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    A ride on would help.Or take on jobs that you can handle,you can also do a 50-50.(do something part time and due landscaping part time=full time job.)Best of luck,who knows your hip might be better than before in due time.
  6. Tadams

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    My mother-in-law had hers replaced about 4 years ago. She started doing water aerobics and working with weights. They told her this year that she needs to slow down on the high impact stuff or they will have to replace it again in a few years. They said that normal walking would not wear it out. I wouldn't think that pushing a 21" mower would do any harm to the hip. I would ask your doctor but he is gonna cover his own a@% and tell you not to do anything. About time for a new Z!!
  7. Roger

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    Whoa, on the Z idea! I'm older than most on here, and having gone through the cycles. I walked for a few years, then got a sulky for my w/b. Two seasons ago, I got a ZTR, with the intention of saving my body.

    I quickly learned the ZTR idea is not the panacea that some would like to believe. Yes, it does save walking, but the riding over bumpy terrain really takes a toll on the back. The toll is unlike the knee strain while riding on the sulky. However, after a few hours of riding, the back has taken the punishment. And, after riding for awhile, especially in cold weather, the body gets stiff as a board, very difficult to even get off the riding platform.

    Everybody is different, and we respond differently in older ages. However, I am the last one to suggest that a ZTR will work well for the specific health concern expressed on this thread. The idea sounds great, but ...
  8. ed2hess

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    And the other problem I am having with Scag ZTR is the deck actuating pedal is causing me to have strain on my foot......hurts a lot during regular season. The loads are pretty high on 48" Tiger. I do think that it sounds like he is doing small yards so not likely to be doing much speed and with one of those fancy $800 seats it probably would be just fine.
  9. knothead

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    I had a hip replacement 13 yrs ago I am now 38 just be sure u get the proper physical therapy! Most of the time I try to alternate days 1 day yards that require push mower next day ride ztr seems to work pretty good for me!Just be sure to get all the therapy u can i didn't have insurance when i had my hip replaced and ended up having to do most of my therapy on my own!Luckily I had access to a swimming pool at the time!It took me the better part of a year to get lined out doing it on my own thats why I will say again:hammerhead: get all the therapy u can !!
  10. sikagrass

    sikagrass LawnSite Member
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    Hope to hear that you heal up quick.Heres what I did after my ticker gave me problems.I got a helper, now I mainly weedeat or drive the z.Productivity is up and wear and tear on me is down,but most of all Im still in the game instead of having to go back to work for somebody else.When I dont have a helper I try to pace myself to dojust enough to keep caught up.Good luck with your new hip,maybe you can keep mowing on the side if not full time.

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