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    Hey folks, my name is nick. Im new to this site. Ive been a member and even a moderator on many different forums pertaining to things that I am involved with. (atv, painting, softball, GM trucks, etc). I have been contemplating on starting my own lawncare business as a side job for some time now. I have finally taken a few steps toward making that a reality. I have a couple of yard i do regularly and some that is just sparatic. I have worked for 2 wholesale tree farms for a few years starting when i was 15 years old and ending when i was about 20. I currently have a job driving a tractor trailer and have been for about 5 years. Oddly enough, i have a ton of free time with this specific company i work for. I bet you never heard that from a truck driver before. I hope i can learn a bunch of info from the people that have been in this type of business and know a whole lot more than i do. Thanks

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