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Discussion in 'Water Features' started by pretzel, Mar 18, 2003.

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    Hello everybody,

    I've had a few years of landscaping and its my hobby now, but I haven't got alot of experience with ponds. I put a preformed one in my yard last year (200gl). Unfortunately I don't have enough $ right now to get a pond liner. Anyway, I just broke through the ice to see if my fish were still alive and found that were all dead. I found the reason for their death, there were 12 dead frogs in my pond. They came last year and i guess they didn't want to leave. Where do the frogs go in the winter? Are they supposed to burrow in the bottom of ponds and hibernate? With my pond they can't because i didn't put any mud or dirt for the bottom. I noticed the frogs had a difficult time trying to get out of my pond last year because the side of the pond was a drop, kind of like a pool, instead of a gradual slide down like normal ponds. I had a couple of dead birds that drown in my pond also. If anybody has any info please let me know it would be greatly appreciated. If there is a good web site for building ponds for beginners could someone give it to me. Thanks for your time.
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    Well usually if you have a large enough fountain that circulates the water the animals will stay away from it such as birds etc.
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    Pretzel, Check out aquascape's web site. Probably the best system out there.

    Your fish most likely died because the pond iced over trapping all the bad gasses under the ice. Try putting a bubbler or small floating heater in it next year. The frogs could have burrowed under some leafs or in the plant containers.

    Not sure about the bird though? I've never heard of a bird drowning. But, I have seen birds splash in a water fountain. Most animals love water, you'd have to have a pretty big fountain to scare away wildlife.
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    Thanks for the posts! Aquascape looks like a really helpful site.

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