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Discussion in 'Employment' started by FLC2000, Sep 12, 2017.

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    Way too difficult to run a successful business your way when there's employees who can screw with your success by ratting you out if they catch you doing something you shouldn't.

    When I started out I used to steal my bosses customer list, price sheets etc so I could hijack his costumers the following season. Never would I trust someone to take that from me.
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    I could not agree more.......
  3. Charles

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    You cannot dream of what employees can do. I had one kid run over a mop. I asked him what he was doing mowing that natural area? Do you see any grass There? Just leaves in the woods . A mop under the leaves. Now all wrapped around the blades:dizzy: 15 miles away from the garage. Time for a 6 pack:drinkup:
  4. Charles

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    I had one guy call me. Hey boss, I ran the mower in a ditch. I am going home. I said ya know you didn't have to run in the ditch just to get the day off. Well now you are getting a lot of time off. Like forever! I had to tow that thing out
    Btw, the ditch was not a part of the property he was mowing.
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    I could write a book just on the helper I had one season.

    He was trimming a property when I lost site of him. He'd gone through an opening in the fence and was trimming the neighbors house.

    Left him to mow a park area with a walking path through the middle of it while I ran to the dump. Got back and said it was all finished and cleaned up. Went to inspect to be sure, there's a six inch wide stripe of grass along the entire path on both sides. The path is asphalt, even height with the soil. No spots are high enough to risk catching the deck on it, and he'd been helping me at this property for months now. Guess he was afraid he'd fall off the lawn?

    Watched him try and mow for at least 5 minutes when his blade belt broke. He'd start it up, go 10 ft, look back at the uncut grass and seem confused .. but he was still willing to try again.

    He thought his trimmer was a jackhammer. Above ground sprinker? Can't trim around it. Fence? gotta leave a safe 1-2" in front untouched. Even concrete foundations were at risk in his mind.

    We had an Exmark Commercial 30 for our push mower. He wouldn't trust the blade brake when he first started and would shut off the engine every time he emptied the bag.

    But he showed up on time every damn day and generally had a good attitude so I just worked out the idiosyncrasies I could and worked around the ones I couldn't.
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    :laugh::laugh: You just have to laugh at their antics to keep from going postal. I had one guy jump out of the truck(Ya he was enthusiastic alright) weedeat the wrong drive. He went flying up the drive before I could stop him. Zigzagging all the way:rolleyes::dizzy:. I said--if anybody ask--' I don't
    Know you and you don't know me:laugh:
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