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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by Jnbravo, Feb 17, 2009.

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    Last summer I posted some questions on quiting General Motors and starting a spraying business. Well as everyone knows GM is getting worse. I should of taken the $70,000 mI was offered back in June. Now there offering $20,000 and a $25,000 car voucher. Not alot. I may try and keep my job, I will probably get laid off and be able to work all summer. I have taken and passed my test. My question. Getiing a com. pest. busi. lic. in Mich. you need 2 years exp. or a four year degree. I have over six years exp., over ten years ago. Family owned buss. But I was never certified. I found out I can fill out a pre-approvel application to save money and see where im at. What I want to know is.....Besides the truth; is there another way to insure a more sucessful chance in being approved. Any loop holes? I know theres always hiring someone who has the exp. But I want this to be a one man show for now. I have the exp. I just dont think the State is going to see it that way. Thanks for any help.
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    Please don't take this the wrong way, but back when I was laid off, I did not recieve $20,000 and a $25,000 car voucher. I got a two week notice so I could find another job. Consider yourself lucky.
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    Ditto. If you're able to build the finest trucks in America, you shoud easlily be able to pass the needed tests. BTW we proudly run Chevy & GMC 2500HD's. If it ain't American :usflag:, it ain't our cup of tea.

    Good luck -- you'll do fine. :waving:
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    fords, all the way, haha
  5. Runner

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    The only other way there is, is that you hire an actual licensed applicator into your business. the trick is, is that you have to have enough work to keep them busy (otherwise, they'll be looking elsewhere...they have to live). Other than that,...and this is the best remedy...hire in with someone that does this, and get your required certified experience. Besides the gfact that alot has changed in the last 10 years and that you will actually be doing different stuff (WAY different) than you were for the family buiness, you can stand to gain ALOT of good knowledge - that is actually more relevant to what you will be doing. Get in with someone good...and you can realy learn alot about the sciences and technical stuff involved. Do NOT go to one of the franchises, because there is a good chance you will come out of there with less knowledge than you went IN with... You want to learn how to GROW GRASS, not just spray some cookie cutter CRAP down that does a middle of the road job...all the while, you're not even learning anything except "bust your hump production". Where abouts are you, anyway?
  6. Jnbravo

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    First off.. Ive already passed the tests. Michigan has strict regulations as to who gets a Business lic. Needing a 4 year degree or 2 years exp. I was never cert. when I got my exp. 2nd. If I get laid off, I dont get $20,000 and a$25,000 voucher. Thats the buyout. But if you take it...bye bye medical. So trying to get business going while laid off and still keep my job at GM. 3rd, Thanks for buying American. Of course now a days if you buy a GM vehichle, it doesnt mean it was made by American workers. Your pretty safe with the trucks though. I live in the Lansing area. I have a friend who graduated from Mich State in Turf mang. could I put his name on as a worker and just send him a small check every 2 weeks. He lives in Ohio. But I could say he comes up every other weekend to work. If he agrees, that should work as far as getting a business lic.???? I understand that a healthy turf resist most things and the less pesticide applied the better....not saying I dont have alot to learn though, Im sure I do. But I plan on going slow. And continually educating myself. Thanks again guys.
  7. Runner

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    If he has a 4 year (Bachelor degree) AND one year certified experience or the accepted equivalent of by MDOA (they have changed the requirements to 4 year degree + 1 year experience), is able to show proof he lives in Michigan, then he can test for active certifications here in Michigan. When he tests, he can't just test for Certified Technician, but he has to test for a Licensed Applicator (different test). At that point, your license application will state his name and Michigan certification number, and they will have record of his certification to verify it. Mind you, when you sign this application form, you are swearing to the fact that the information contained is true to the best of your knowledge. Furthermore, when your friend signs the proof of experience documentation, he is swearing to the same thing,...including he fact that he lives in Michigan, to carry the license. This is also sworn to and signed by the Notary Republic. Is you friend willing to go out on the limb for this?
  8. Jnbravo

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    He has all of that and then some. Worked for Philly Baseball team and now a minor league team in Ohio. Havent talked to him yet about this in detail yet. I wouldnt put his Lic. in harms way. Just wondering if he could have two residents. And if he did do some work for me through out summer, plus consulting, I figured it would be legal. I will ask the MDA. The last thing I want to do is start this thing off on the wrong foot. Worse comes to worse I will put add in paper for someone around here that has the lic. What should I pay him or her...$12.00/hour??? Or maybe Ill just go work for a golf course this summer and get my exp. You said they changed the rules. Can I still get a bus. lic. with over two years of lic. exp.??? Even if it takes me two years from now to get it. Just dont want to start this If I cant finish it. Thanks again.
  9. Runner

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    Sent you a PM.
  10. Ric

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    Being a very Candid person I have to say I have a problem with those who try and loop hole the law. I am in a State with hard requirements and even harder testing than other states. I paid my dues as do most people who are licensed in my state. I am sorry that you might lose your big buck union job with all the benefits. But out here in the real world we have to scramble for our living and pay our dues. People B1tch because Florida has such strict policy, But even then there are already Too many CPOs in Florida and many who left the trade because they couldn't make it.

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