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Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by Southernlandscape343, Mar 14, 2012.

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    I have returned! My best friend and I are trying to get my new company Walker Landscape Group up and running. Located in Alpharetta, Georgia we are trying to pick up residential clients for weekly lawn maintenance. I have two clients that I have had for four years now, both of them being very loyal clients who actually live in my neighborhood. I may end up making a new user name on here for the new company but for right now I am just going to use this one. Shout outs to any other north Georgia members. Would love to see how many locals we have on lawnsite. I'll throw in a few pictures from summer 2011.
    - Brandon Walker
    Owner of Walker Landscape Group

    Please note that I did not do the stone work in these pictures, Another neighbor's "company" did the work. The workers are great guys, however the owner I can not stand at all! He told my client that the new Zoysia sod he installed last summer would be green year round. Which is completely untrue and the sod has dallas grass all though out the entire area. I started treatments with Image herbicide last week and can tell some slight difference.

    Any who this is the client's yard who I have been talking about. It was great looking once the job was completed and I was able to cut the yard again.
    This was cut with my 21" Craftsman mower that I drove a piece of rebar into the back piece of plastic that came on the mower that drags behind the lawnmower while you are cutting the yard, This created a perfect Striping kit.


    I also have some new equipment since the last time I was on here.
    Including [​IMG]

    Hope to hear from you all soon.
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    Hey im in suwanee, so I'm right up the road from Alpharetta. Nice to see somebody else from around here!
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    Nice machines.

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